• by JD357
  • posted Jul 26, 2007

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I like the idea of a guitar that is deconstructed... maybe the guitar parts could form a new image?


is this what you meant with adding the schematic? any better?

Keaton Kohl

Yeah! I think that is a step in the right direction. Much more interesting in my opinion. I hope you get more comments on this. Good luck.


the zoom(back) part would be around the lower right on the back of the shirt. is this better or worse?

The Crackers

i've seen several shirts that are similar to this

too lazy to find links

mj00 profile pic Alumni

There's a guy at Oddica who has basically made a name for himself by doing really detailed schematic stuff at cool angles. To me, the schematic thing on tees always seems like a copy of his style.

I don't think your geometric style is a great fit for schematics, mainly because it would never be very accurate to the actual item. If it's not really accurate, and if someone else is already well-known for this type of thing, why do the same thing? Find your own approach. I suggested using guitar parts to form a new image in my comment up top, but really anything that takes this in a new direction would be a good thing. In my opinion.


i looked it up and what i did is a little bit like that, but mine is simple. his are very detailed things taken apart. mine are simple with a schematic added. so i guess it's a little bit like that. and the forming a new image isn't a bad idea, but it's just not what i had in mind for this design


any other suggestions on this?

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