It just won't work

  • by htw
  • posted Jul 26, 2007

Orange Juice and Toothpaste. They just don't go together.

I'm pretty sure this is my first submission, it's the first I can remember at least.

Watch this

Orange Juice and Toothpaste. They just don't go together.

I'm pretty sure this is my first submission, it's the first I can remember at least.


i know many think not, but im one of the very disgusting people that actually think drinking oj after brushing my teeth once in a while tastes yummy....ew i know.


i didn't get it until i read the title, then i laughed and laughed.

i think more slow folks like me would get it if it were a box or bottle of o.j.

i love the sad little characters though... and the colors are fantastic.


I laughed and then i laughed some more.. i LOVE it... cracks me up.. i want it i want it..


i love the faces. cute cute cute.


I love the idea, but I think it would be better (agree with anni801) if the glass of orange juice were a small box of oj with an orange on it or something, and if the two characters were more facing each other/ leaning towards each other. Like they both want to be together but cannot. Fabulous concept, though!


Yeah, I liked how I drew the glass the first time so I didn't want to change it to an OJ box which really would have worked better.


Delightful! But sad.

Poor toothpaste :(


Omg, hella good.


This has to be printed, I have so many people that I would buy this for.


cute, just not on a yellow/orange shirt. $5 on a different color. :D

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

huh? why does that two things don't go with each other?

I'm confused.


uck! I hate that taste!


ahah cool idea

but I agree with the shirt color, love orange but maybe black or some shade of blue (even gray) would make the orange stand out more





It should be a carton of orange juice, and the tube should be more obviously a tube of toothpaste. Perhaps some generic recreation of a toothpaste brand's logo?

Also...the artwork could use a little help. Make it look like you tried a little harder.


either add a carton marked 'OJ' or w/ a simple 1/2 orange graphic on in, or a juiced orange (i.e. pulp gone, like after you've used the 1/2 orange in a juicer... you get it)
otherwise FANTASTIC, I wouldn't be able to not buy it if it gets printed
but I agree, would probably be better on a blue or green or something, but not yellow..

  1. i'd buy it. yes!
    this needs to get printed.

I think the toothpaste is fine, and I also agree with the carton, and the colour change.


i heart personification t-shirts


I'm all about this design - 6$.


I think a switch to a lovely carton would work well. But please don't do a generic fake of a logo, just make the tooth symbol more contrasting to the tube so you can see it better.


Juice carton would work much better! I thought it was Orange Listerine until I read the title. But aww...its so cute, yet so sad. Here's a "I like you a lot- but I have to break up with you" shirt to give someone. :-|



very nice


The glass is fine. It's a glass of juice, and the juice is orange. It's orange juice.


that's fine but i didn't realize right away it was orange juice, just because of the color alone.. i mean it is on an orange shirt


Eww, I just brushed my teeth and now I'm thinking of that taste so vividly! Blech.
Still a funny shirt, 4.


yeah, having it on an orange shirt made me think it was water with the shirt color showing through, if it was on another color it would read as juice.



Hahahahaha, I love how they have a disclaimer on the bottom now. It's funny because I used to be turned off at how mean this place was.

Remember, be nice!


Reminds me of the time I bought someone a shot of orange vodka mixed with peppermint schnapps! Good stuff



this is really cool!

Takino Tomo

I have ALWAYS used to metaphor to compare things!
PLEASE let this be made into a shirt!

A carton or glass is just fine. I figured it out without the title.

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