Beware of Guinea Pig!

Watch this

on a differend shirt color.


get it? get it? get the irony?


Super cuteness!

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i had a guinea pig called spike


thats mean guinea pigs aren't mean


Cute. I had a real bastard of a guinea pig once, named Rocky. He bit the crap out of me and my kids. Several times. Bye bye piggie.

But yes, we get the irony - usually they are sweet and clucky.

BTW, guinea pigs don't have tails.


We had a guinea pig for about a week, it squeeeeeed all the effing time, scared the crap out of our dogs, and basically terrorised the whole house. If it could have, it would have put on a collar like Spike's.


haha cool


Yeah, guinea pigs do not have tails. This is really cute though. $5 , and remove the tail.


Oh darn. Pesky tails. Now why would guinnea pigs go and not have them?


guinea pigs are mean little buggers. which makes the shirt completely true! whoot i want it...

The Giant Chico

on a different shirt color, and without a tail, it would be perfect.


they do have little teensy stubs of tails, not fluffy ones.

i would totes buy this!

Johnny the homicidal maniac

I had 2 guinea pigs. Their names were Kiwi and Banana. They both died of wet tail disease. This shirt makes me depressed.


How can any of you like this? This is the most stupid, unimaginative, horrid design of all time! There's no humor, sarcasm, or strange pun! It's just a Guinea Pig with a spiked collar that says "Spike". That's not funny or clever! At all! What is wrong with you people? And what has happened to Threadless?!


I'm sorry you feel that way. It's not sarcasm or a pun, it's irony. I don't mind criticism but I wish you weren't so rude.


Hey guess who I am "Waah!!You people are stupid I think im better than everyone else so I refuse to be at least a little curtious, Why dont you put a skull and some flames on your shirt so I can wear it to the next nickelback concert"


Seems kinda plain, and like it would be for a kids shirt.


Could be a kids shirt...


guinea pigs are so wonderful they don't require a pun to be worthy of praise


If not on blue, what colors would people like to see this on?



I'd like a canary yellow, I think... don't you think that'll be good-looking?


It could work. I tested green before subbing this and it just didn't work


Love it, but I wouldn't wear a giant guinea pig on my shirt. I like the picture so much though, I think I would if it were just smaller. 4$

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