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This Is Pretty. I Like It On Blue $4

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I don't understand why you keep submitting designs that you've put in critique without actually taking anyone's advice. It's a nice design, it's obvious you have some technical skill. But it's just a fish on a shirt. Threadless users won't fork out $15 for a fish on a shirt. You have to add a lot more design elements or make the fish be doing something amazing or look amazing. And it's none of those things. I think that if you browse the site and really pay attention that you could do something great, honestly. You just aren't there yet.


There are so many cool koi shirts on here that this just doesn't cut the mustard with me sorry.


the blue is nice. kookaberry has a point though; there are too many other designs worth my $17 to pay for this. and i think it would look strange across my chest...


yucky colors and the fish is just too dang big. I can almost hear it "splappp" onto the shoulder. . . but not quite enough to make it funny enough to buy.


yeah man, you clearly have skill! but jesus it a koi. I am beyond sick of koi at this point. Keep up the good illos and find something funny or interesting to draw, and you will win some day.


But this is a much true koi than most of the designs I've seen since most of them were going for something other than the details of the fish. I like this a lot.


I like the way the fish is drawn and colors are nice too. It is good to keep it simple, but it also has to be interesting.


kooka berry said it all

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