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Hee hee! Didn't recognize it with the cape. I have a feeling I'd have to explain this one too often for me to wear it.


This is the first time I laughed at something I saw on Threadless. This is a step above the normal idea of clever sight gags. The dude abides.

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That fang is not quite fang-shaped enough. And the text is kind of disappointing. I think this would be cooler (and more in keeping with the concept) if you showed New Jersey sucking the blood out of New York or something.

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Besides which, it's "Bleah", assuming you're going after the whole "little guy with the big nose" done up as a vampire from the old Pink Panther series.


awesomely rad!!! it dooooes suck!

knuckle sandwich

bad bad bad text but the concept... not bad


I think the fang looks like it does because that's what New Jersey looks like...
This rocks!


yeah i was looking at the state of NJ and i'm from Bayonne which is in the fang area and I just thought it looked like a fang in a mouth. People here usually would say we're in the armpit of NJ but i see otherwise.


It looks like a booger. Haha.

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Haha, I'm an idiot. I thought it was a deformed California at first. I love its little cape.


ahahaha! The speech bubble cracks me up!

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i like the ypography!!! and ye, NJ does blow.



Could the text read "Please, anyone from Jersey, feel free to pummel me for mocking you" ? Wait, they wouldnt get it anyway, haha.


No joke I laughed out loud. Only shirt on threadless to make me do it. Nice!

ruby soho

I'm from Bayonne too! Heh, good stuff. Cute idea!


Kookaberry on Jul 25 '07
... I thought it was a deformed California at first.

I though the same thing

Poor New Jersey has only one leg to stand on and it's not even a leg.

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