The Original Invader From Mars

The creepy original 1953 "Invaders From Mars" invader.

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The creepy original 1953 "Invaders From Mars" invader.


It doesn't look all that much like the movie invader. I love that movie though...


This reminds me of a jazz musician who was really into science fiction -- I just can't remember his name right now because I have a migraine right now (I am pretty sure my head is going to explode any minute now). His album covers were intense... I'll post his name later for you, provided that I'm not scraping grey matter off my keyboard.


Sun Ra -- OK, I'm going to go bore a hole into my skull to alleviate the pain now.


Haha! Fantastic link! I checked out the album covers - he certainly loved his egyptian circular motif.
Put yer head to rest and thanks!


I LOVE this! It's a great homage to one of my favorite old science fiction movies!


is that Jimmy Carter?

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