Help a girl out?

  • by nekoama
  • posted Jul 02, 2007

I've recently lost my credit card, which means all my threadless purchase plans are on hold for a bit. I don't know when my replacement card is coming in either
But I'm a gigantic Batman fan and want this shirt so badly before it sells out! If anyone wants to be incredibly nice and buy a girly small for me, I'll repay the favor and buy you a shit in return, as well as giving you streetteam points for my next two purchases!
Anyone who wants to help out, just respond with your email and I'll give you my addres to send it to. I'll be VERY grateful!

Watch this

Actually, I'm not a comic clerk anymore, I just haven't touched my profile in many moons. I'm an animator now, working in television.


I'm hoping they don't sell out by the next sale. I already have a bunch in my cart for it @_@


I wish I could help but I'm broke :( lol


oh and you said "buy you a shit"

just so ya know lol

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

LOL I'm afraid you'll have to do better than buying someone a shit in return!

Quid Pro Quo

Sure, I could help you. This isn't my normal email but I don't feel like putting my real one out here either.

Yes, there are 2 "L"s


I, too, have dropped to a line...


to = you (@$#*&# rental fingers!!!)

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