Extra Virgin Don't Go! - Awkward Love

  • by Sparra
  • posted Jun 28, 2007

For Eagle V Shark

Watch this

For Eagle V Shark


In the molecular formula for water, the '2' is a subscript not a superscript.

H2O is not the same as H^2O.

kurt bayne

nice oil and water idea,
i'm curious to see how popular it would be
I like the extra virgin expression


different shirt color but overall cute:)

da Face

Finally! I design I saw in Crit. that I saw in Submitted, awesome. $5 for that reason alone...and I like the concept though I would like to see it on a model cause it looks a little weird on the shirt.


yeah... doesn't the superscripted 2 make it hydrogen with an extra nuetron and therefore quite possibly.... RADIOACTIVE (DUM DUM DUMMMMM) ?!?!?!?

oh, no wait. hydrogen with only one nuetron (deuterium) is stable. nevermind.

but wait!!!! maybe this is some kind of supersecret hidden political/environmental statement about heavy water?!?!

and yes i know the superscripted 2 should come BEFORE the H. i'm such a dork.


Sounds good to me Vespucci! But actually....did it occur to anyone that I failed chemistry and you could have told me this in crits!!! LOL!


haha now the 2 is gonna bother me. i wouldnt have noticed it if someone hadn't said it though. $5


a buy if the 2 in H2Owas subscript


put the "2" in it's right place and i'll give you a 5


oh, and give some colour options please


a really good concept but it just doesn't do it for me.


Let me get this right...that 2 is placed too high isn't it?


cute, but the h2o is not correct. color options for shirt would be better. but overall, very nice.


Yes that's right... it needs to be at the bottom of the text not the top. Shame no one picked that up in critiques :-\


cute idea. agree with the h2o typo. would totally buy, please fix. :)


How it is 2 above the HO do the exact same thing but with it below HO in the middle and its fixed.


Okay, okay okay, coming clean, my chemistry is not THAT bad. Maybe a bit subtle but I was thinking more 'biology' when I elevated the 2.
Note to threadless people: If it gets through I'll change it - now that you know why it's like that!!!!!


Love their facial expressions.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

Great idea.

phoebe man

love the idea, but the execution isnt that great...


like the idea

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