Olympic ring

  • by z38549943
  • posted Jun 26, 2007

As the 2008 Olympic Games host, I welcome the door friends around the world.

Watch this

As the 2008 Olympic Games host, I welcome the door friends around the world.


I am guessing you were trying to say something along the lines of
"...I open the door to our friends around the world"
"...I welcome our dear friends from around the world"

Neither of those happened, but thanks.

What are you trying to convey with the safty pins. I know the PRC has major issues with human rights and censorship; Are you trying to say "be careful or we will arrest you and throw you in jail for mentioning the Tienamin Square Masacare while you are visting my country for the Olympics" or something like that.

What do the characters at the bottom say?


translation anyone?


i have know idea what this is supposed to mean
but i am weirdly drawn to this tee... but i have no idea why!!


the first 2 character are "China" but thats all i got...


I am Chinese and even I'm lost...

Annie in Wonderland

this may have 5$ potential, but more information would be greatly appreciated, at least by the daftest amoung us (me).


My poor English skills, the software has been used in the translation may not be fully express their meaning please understanding.


Map of the word is : China welcomes you




i don't wear stuff that has writing i can't read.


why safety pins?


the word at the bottom says "Welcome to China"
But I still don't get the safty pins anyway.
But I must disagree with renfrew.
I have been living in Shanghai, China for 4 years and non of those things, your mentioned, happened so I guess it's just your government told you so. Go to China have a trip and then you will know I'm right.


man guys!! Back off on raggin on the kid's english. Those translator programs are tough to use and rarely right. Anwway, cool tee and nice colors $4

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