mommy's little angel

hope youse like it..this one has a special place in my heart..

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hope youse like it..this one has a special place in my heart..

Quid Pro Quo

To it's mother it's a beautiful angel?
It seems really strange to me but 3 because its original.. ;)

Ms Lolita

its different. I like it.


I really like it. I think the arrows could be left out.

wotto profile pic Alumni

I absolutely love it - nothing needs to be got - it is what it is. U have a skill to ur drawing.


bizarrely appealing. The arrows don't add anything, tho.


I love the pinwheels


um, the hand.... it looks a little raunchy. you know as a guy, and probably one of the 50% of the people that will be looking at you if you have this shirt on, our minds are truely on one thing first... and its a little akward to see him picking a flower with this.

marvelous marvin

you're drawing style is so unique and totally quirky. I dig this design - especially the textures used. Are the arrows above the "angel's" head supposed to represent a halo?


sheep? llama?

the arrows remind me of streamlines. nice drawing, and you should probably use this for a children's book.


I LOVE THIS!!! It is amazing....Can't wait for it to be printed. $5

mj00 profile pic Alumni

This is really nice, you've done a great job with the textures. I'm not totally sold on the placement, though- it seems like his horn would be menacing my nipple to a degree that I'm not entirely comfortable with.


This reminds me of the drawings in "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. And I love that book, so you get a 5. :]

sonmi profile pic Alumni

nice! i like your style a lot.


Uh . . . Okay . . . This does absolutely nothing for me. I do not want some ugly critter on my shirt spinning pinwheels.


the hat and the face with all its hair are very well done,
but the third appendage is phallic

maybe if you drew another appendage at the same level
on the other side they would resemble arms


heyyy...the arm is a little phallic, its true, but only by placement...i dont think im going to change it would compromise the style of the character, and lazorra, it would be nice if you left your stupid comments in your own mind where no one else can hear them.


I think you've got to be able to take negative as well as positive opinions on board without taking it personally, pooch...

As to the design, it's a cute character, but I don't think the arrows are needed; and the arm does look really phallic, I think a higher arm placement would improve this design. :-)

(and lol @ mjoo's comment... I hadn't thought of that... but it's a valid point!)


I do love your style...:)


I love this design. It reminds me of a childrens' book but has an adult appeal at the same time. I'd definitely wear the shirt.

And I think LaZorra's comment was a bit much.


I like your style & subs... keep it up... disregard the haters.


I love the sytle - quirky :) 5$


This is purely magnificent.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Whoa! Fantastic! 5$

I love rock!

I like it! About time we see more designs that are not anime!!! Nice work. :) 5 I'll buy it!


haha i love his/her little fat belly


I love this! I'm surprised its less than 5 colors, but I still awarded it a 5 =)

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Fantastic illustration. Love it!


You've got the most original illustrations up all the time. This is awesome!


your designs are king, i love them.


oh! i love it! i'd but it!!!! $5


very nice.


it's just creepy enough to be REALLY endearing.


I have no idea why this appeals to me so @ 3 @


I love this! And I think it's a whole higher level to many of your previous subs :D

$5 from me, I would love to wear this

PS people it's a sloth, not a sheep.

Sloths rule


this is beatiful.

random hero444

creepy in the sausage finders kind of way...i hope you know what that is otherwise my comment makes no sense.



seriously though..

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