wow, scores are getting LOW.

wow, okay so. as i am sure all of you know, to get a shirt printed on threadless you must get your design though four stages of judging. i know that may sound a little odd, but here is what i mean:

1 your design must be considered "fit to be scored" by quality control, which we normal users have no control over.

2 your design must perform well enough in its first day of scoring (24 hours) to continue being judged for the total seven day scoring period

3 your design must score "highly" (which, in the time i've been here, has been approximately a 2.3 or greater in the regular competition)

4 your design must be selected to be printed from all of the "recent" high scorers (which in my experience means the last 100 days)

now, here is my point:

has anyone else noticed that what is considered a printable score is getting insanely LOW? this new winner, for instance, has been printed with a score of exactly 2.oo. Keep in mind, in threadless, if your first day of scoring shows you at about 1.5 or less, you don't even get to finish scoring. so, why is it that the scores are getting so low? It may just be me, but i think part of it is that threadless is a hyper critical community. I am personally a ver soft scorer, my average being 3.50, and i virtually never give zeroes because i don't think most of the designs are that bad, but otherwise i've noticed that other people seem to score very harshly. all i'm saying is, i don't think designs are getting worse, i think are scoring is getting to be to harsh.

well, what do you guys think?

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EZFL profile pic Alumni

the whole scoring is a bit ridiculous sometimes... theres people who vote $0, and theres other who score $5 on everything. that just screws up the whole thing. threadless has been in this "game" long enough to know what works and what doesnt. i think theyve been putting the overall score on the back burner and just printing what they "know" will sell.


this shirt being printed is kind of a big relief, because we have all noticed scores getting lower and lower (with the exception of a few that get 3.0 and completely baffle me because the design isnt that great)

wotto profile pic Alumni

scoring is harsh but I think it has to be. Threadless can pick whatever they like - bottomline

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

no i agree scores are going down a little it seems btu it happens .. they tend to fluctuate a lot

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

May 28 '07 by shimala

In case you were wondering...

Average submission score: 1.75
Average Winning Submission score: 2.86

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

most of the brilliant stuff divides people too much to get high scores anyway, almost all my fave designs score betwwen 1.70 and 2.40

wotto profile pic Alumni

by being harsh I mean that if u score too high people get their hopes up and if I am truly honest I only give out 0's when I get fed up of wading through lots of poor or repeated designs.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

lots of good stuff scores low because it may not be currently hip, obviously funny, etc, xiv said, threadless has been in the game long enough to sometimes look past the scores and pick what they like or know what will sell despite what the 15 years old up scoring at midnight decide is 'kewl'.
i wish i had seen this sub earlier, i wouldn't have started to work on a similar idea myself.


thats true, i think i agree with most of the sentiment. i think its a shame though, mostly because a lot of designs don't get a fair chance if they don't get past day one.

also, the one thing i've always thouhgt is that the way threadless prints shirts, they can basically never not sell out atleast the first printing, because there are only a very limited number printed each time.


i know, but are lower scores solely something that occurs because of the high traffic on the site?

EZFL profile pic Alumni

during the summer time, everything changes. due to high traffic, and the average voters age and mentality.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

same thing happens during winter and spring break, but not as drastically.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

it has more to do with the space-time continuum than higher traffic on the site

+RECONSTRUCT+ profile pic Alumni

as far as I can tell, most subs are being scored by members under the age of 16. wtf does a 16 year old know about design/illustration/art or life in general? absolutely nothing except for maybe their Van Gogh calender or Picasso coasters.

there are obvioulsy some that do but they are the exception to the rule. they also know who they are becaus ethey actually have intelligent commentaries on the subs and within the blogs.

wotto profile pic Alumni

let us not forget that if threadless printed every 3 score we'd all get fed up and say what about all the other designs...etc etc


well, i travel a lot, and let me tell you, traffic is up. i have had people look at my shirt and go " hey threadless" in hawaii, LA, and manhattan, and i'm talking mostly college aged, but your probably right about the average age.


Threadless should weight votes of members by how many shirts they buy. It doesn't matter how great or horrible people think a design is if they don't buy any of the shirts. Personally, I find many threadless designs too emo for me. Nothing emo about this shirt - maybe I'll buy it.


that is an interesting thought

arzie13 profile pic Alumni

rcampbel - We have multiple ways to look at the score. We take everything we have the stats on into consideration. So yeah... we do that. Which is how some of the lower scoring shirts get printed.


that is pretty cool. thanks for the info arzie13.

you know, i think thats the first time i have ever seen a comment from a staffer. hmm.


i just put up my 1st design, 'I-Luv-Yu, blue loves pink, boy loves girl' moments ago. i dont have a clue how This works, but This is interesting To see what happens. so when do yu find out The results? do you hve To buy your own T-shirt To get one? (They dont send you a free T-shirt for posting your idea do They?) i guess i got To get some income, Thanks.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The pink patrol appear from time to time to lay "the word of Threadless" down. lol. It is almost always helpful.

I have no probs with low-scoring designs gettin printed, i just don't see why this is all that funny, but with this shirt and "welcome to the ghetto" a few months back, there are a ton of people on threadless that find being a faux jokey thug as a cute concept. But that's why there are shirts for every taste and age level on Threadless.

It sucks, cause i loves me a good videogame-related tee any day of the week. It's pretty much the only kind of shirt i buy at Hot Topic at this point, what with about to be tunring 30 and all.

skaw profile pic Staff

a specific example of what arzie13 is talking about is that sometimes we look at designs that have TONS of 0's and 5's but nothing in between. These are usually controversial or love it/hate it types of designs and usually sell quite well and get people talking/debating about them. those designs usually don't have a very impressive score.


That is comforting to know.

wearecareful profile pic Staff

What? We make comments all the time.


So I guess we can expect a "Taste the Rainbow" tee any day now. :D

travis76 profile pic Alumni

" skaw on Jun 18 '07 at 2:10pm
a specific example of what arzie13 is talking about is that sometimes we look at designs that have TONS of 0's and 5's but nothing in between. These are usually controversial or love it/hate it types of designs and usually sell quite well and get people talking/debating about them. those designs usually don't have a very impressive score."

that's an interesting way to do it- pretty fair. glad you even look at things with lots of zeros


wearecareful, its just the first time i've seen one. and now i have seen many in this one thread, and its good and interesting info


a very precise question to the staffers:

could you give us an example of one of these tees with an extreme reaction that has been printed?


my guess is they're grading on a curve.
no shirt left behind.

so when did it become okay to print shirts of copyrighted material anyway? i know space invaders is old, and its only like ten pixels, but thats a pretty specific ten pixels.


very much agree with xiv. its all up to threadless really.. they know what will sell.

and i'm 15.8 years old. (but i like to think i'm somewhat reasonable in my thinking) still i know what you're talking about.
i dont think you can limit the bad scorers to any certain age group though. its anyone who doesn't really have a mind for art. Not everyone on threadless is an artist or considers themself to be one. Many come just for the funny shirts.

i think that creates the clash as well as controversial subject matter. humor VS. artistic work. tacky humor VS. clever/more subtle humor. i know for me atleast i appreciate subtle humor and artistic designs. i like when they make you think.

eek. long comment.


Hopefully, this doesn't mean that mine won't be printed ^.^


this is partly a text tee, so maybe that's a reason they chose it.


so hopefully i'll get printed then.



you did that one with the gold fish, right.

i think 2.95 will get printed.


yep epocalypse :) I would be soooo happy


There are a bunch of subs that are 2.3 and higher and never get printed. It's all a matter of what they like and what they don't like.

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