• by kk ramone
  • posted Jun 16, 2007

Watch this

haahha the drawing is a bit weird but, i would love to give this to my friend ahha


Perhaps Chewie and a yeti and the abominable snowman and a satchsquash at a "Family Reunion" would be a good Tee design? I will leave it to someone that can draw wookies better than me...

Simon Cowell

The drawing style is nice. The concept is ok but has to use text to beat you over the head with the joke though. I'll pass.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Um...no. He's a wookie. the whole presentation of this piece feels like an 80's comedian shouting out a joke that;s more of a statement and gets him booed off stage. Also, I really don't need to know that Chewie's feet stink and he would never wield a pistol that looked like that (NERD ALERT!),. sorry dude, you've got drawing talent, so I look forward to your next attempt.


No he isnt a yeti
everyone knows that
and yes this would look better without the text
Chewie is cool enough as it is

Paula Abdul

I don't know how I feel about the stars behind him..


wookie nerds!


The concept and art are o.k., but I don't like the shirt all that much. Try again next time.


Adorei o desenho, porém mudaria as cores. 5


um...no, Chewie is a wookie. not a yeti.


The drawing is great, but the text is sort of awkward, and makes me confused.

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