Flying Toaster Trap

A theory on where they went...

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A theory on where they went...




This is smart and cute. A must buy. I love how blue is scared and the red seems to enjoy being touched.


The Art of Darkness, Ch. II


Great concept!
But I've got some issues with it, sorry..

To start, while I understand that the juxtaposition of the classic screen saver image and the tub scene is necessary, but they seem to run together. A little more space between them to differentiate between the two distinct scenes, perhaps?

The toaster in the tub is not doing it for me. A wing is missing. I assume they are placed in a symmetric manner on the toaster, and under such logic it should be sticking out above the water like the other one, possibly scraping into the water a little bit.

Why is there so much bread in the tub? One toaster should only have two pieces at most.. yet there are three additional pieces there as well. And they're eating up too much space on the surface of the water.

The glare on the surface of the water is inconsistent with the shading on the other toasters. Looks weird the way it is.

And that shower head is creepy. To me it does not fit in, either. I say lose the teeth, as humanizing the shower head is inconsistent with the animate yet not humanized flying toasters. It's a trap, not a monster.

And that's all the more I care to come up with at the moment. I really like what is going on here and I want to see this after some revisions and get picked.. Concept deserves $5, but as is, only 4+watching.


I really like it. Gives me a bit of nostalgia. I thought of the screen saver right away.


i dont think LCO quite understands it.


Ok calm down!

It's fun and cute and inventive...not particle physics


what LCO said!


awesome design.


The fact that I've been working on a flying toaster screensaver shirt makes me hate you.



Thanks, everyone! Its my first submission... tons of fun to make!


I heart toasters and wings and bread and bathtubs with teeth.


I'd probably buy this without the tub. That screensaver was one of the best parts of my childhood...

I even memorized the anthem...

"gleaming angels of love
On mighty, toaster wiiiiiiiings!!!!!"


God I hope I'm not the only one that remembers that...


Loose the tub and just have the toasters . . . then I would buy it. Such a great idea!


Without the tub, is there still an idea? Or would it just be re-drawing an illustration we all haven't seen in awhile?

I think it needs the tub to tell its story. Otherwise its just a screensaver (a super cool screensaver... but nontheless.)

aldo baldo

AHAHA, I love this! $5

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

You have so much to say, LCO.

My head hurts.


lol at LCO


i agree that losing the tub loses the story

but i also agree with the tub needing to be farther away from the flying toasters, because otherwise it looks like the tub was kinda just stuck in there


Hehe, Afterdark.


I had a dream like this....weird! Love it though


Thanks, everyone! Today is the last scoring day- I'm on pins & needles waiting to see the results...

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