I Found Passion Over a Cup of Tea

A different take on the Loves Contest. Inspired by the TAAL VOLCANO. Enjoy!

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A different take on the Loves Contest. Inspired by the TAAL VOLCANO. Enjoy!


I think I like the center placement, maybe a little smaller. This reminds me of those Russian decorated eggs....


taal volcano? is that like from the PI? Man, that's my hometown. I miss PI now! lol :]

Simon Cowell

Very mundane. The colours are nice but the artwork isn't very impressive. The concept doesn't fit the contest either.


how is this relevant to the theme "Finding Love Was Never So Awkward" in the slightest?

i love it but it appears to have nothing to do with the competition.


i love it, i like it best on the side then in the middle, i actually don't like it in the middle @ all

Paula Abdul

Oh Simon, don't be so harsh. Darling, this design is magnificent! I can't wait to see more of your work :)


I love this concept so much that I wish it were executed a little better. It'd look better with its lines fixed, real perspective on the cup, thicker border lines, and definitely a smaller placement. Maybe to the side.

Also, while I'd love to see this or something like it get printed, I don't think it fits the theme.


i like the colors and the idea :]


on the side is cool. to be honest the artwork would be.. lacking, but somehow with the colors and design it just works. good job.


oh, and i dunno if having it metallic fits in.. i wouldn't


i like the designs on the cup, and i like it really big wrapping around the shirt..5


I LOVE it on the side wrapping around


not the huge image on the shirt. I love it, though!


I'm not sure why, but I'm so drawn to this.
The tea cup and the design, it's really nice.
- I prefer the wrap around version.


love it! $5


Storm in a teacup!


this is great!


my first reaction was "oh how pretty" i love it! $5! but keep it at the side please :)


side please

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I always enjoy your pattern work BTZ, and this is no different! I adore the HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE verison of this on the side of the tee, and a 4$ is a reward for your troubles and awesome sub.


i really like this, gold metallic makes it.
what does it have to do with the contest though?
$$$$$$$$ i want.


i do like it:) i just wish the green was a bit brighter:)


thanks thanks everyone!!

I don't know when's the next time I can access the internet again.. so here's the answer to the pressing question:

Well... Love is like a volcano which might erupt anytime. It might erupt at the first time you see this person, or it might erupt just years after you get to know a person better. (Or it might erupt over the cup of tea :P)

I thought the artsy fartsy golden volcano ejecta was sufficient enough to show that it's love. heheheh

By the way joedore, yep, it's the Taal Volcano from the PI! And for you guys who don't know the volcano yet, it's a volcano inside a lake!

yay for the long post.


*or it might erupt after you've established a better, long-lasting friendship with this person...

sorry for the wrong grammar! :))


It looks great on the side, and the size is perfect =D

Would it be a wrap-around?


I like the side placement...then your arm is like the handle.


please please print (middle placement, not the wrap-around). $5


yeah i want this shirt....


TAAL in the Philippines??? i love the philippines!

wrap around for sure :)


i love the side placement! $5


i like the placement on the like side and not in the center, but for guys i dont think that they would where it if there was metallic on it. Or maybe it's just me ($5 without the metallic)


I like the side placement, but you just can't tell that it is a tea cup then. Still, this is very cute, 4$


i really like the side placement. It, once again, makes me think of something i'd get at zummies or sumthin, i don't know why, haha. But it's very cool. And i think you can still tell what it is from the side too. 5!!!


Well the colours are nice, and the concept is understandable... but... buuuuuuuuuut I wouldn't rave about it. To me there is nothing amazing about it. Colours: nice. Art: nice. Concept: nice. There's no, "WOOOW."

Just blah, really :/


what simon said


I like the concept, although at first it seems somewhat lacking. I love the volcano and the sea, but I would echo the opinion that i'd like it better if it were in perspective. Good work nonetheless

random hero444

Awesome on the side of the shirt. though i'm not sure how well it'll wrap around.


thanks everyone!! :)


it's a record breaker in number of comments since paris. yay!!


i like it on the side i want it

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