But these go to 11

Its got one more for when you need that extra kick to put it over the edge. That's when you put it up to 11!

Watch this

Its got one more for when you need that extra kick to put it over the edge. That's when you put it up to 11!


I just saw one like this, and it was better.


geeze, this is the second one, and both have the quotation wrong:

"But... mine go to eleven."


on second thought, it might be "but these go to eleven." Please excuse my cockiness.


this one is better than the other one, by the way


nice save dorkman.


I just scored one like this. I'm not into music so I would never wear this but the drawing or whatever is pretty good.

Also the knobs can't look like that with the text flat. Something isn't quite right with the perspective.


It's that the knobs are done from one perspective and the label plate from another.

ruby soho

The perspective is really off. You have the rectangle and the words facing forward, but then the knobs are from a side view.


Perspective indeed. Also, as a guy who turns knobs for a living, I couldn't wear a shirt that had the bass, treble and mid range turned up all the way. That's not what those are for.


perspective isnt important, if the knobs were straight on it would make it a really terrible design.....although it still needs work..


Just once, I'd like to see them go to 12.


i feel like this would have the same effect as me wearing a shirt that says "nurples, please?"


i totally agree!!!! thank you.


but then what's next? what ab 13? or 38? or 72? if you break the ten, what is to become of the rest? eh, i dunno im crazy, nice concept, dunno ab the placement, maybe along the bottom of the shirt?


I would buy it in a second!

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People REALLY need to check their ideas before submitting the same concept to a movie over twenty years old. Plus, the Urban Outfitters version is better.

Simon Cowell

This idea, or maybe I should say "idea" is incredibly trite. It's been done to death and I can't imagine anyone paying a dollar to wear this, let alone $10, and that's hoping it comes out durring a sale.
The art is mediocre at best. Look at it...so, you see a rectangle straight on. Correct? So why are all the dials at an angle? The perspective just might be a BIT off don't you think?


The official spinal tap ones are much better, dont try and fix something that isnt broken, try being a bit more original


already been done, and i own it


There is no "but", it is just,

"These go to eleven."


Plus, you guys are all jerks. Give him a break, it isn't really a big deal that someone else thought of it. If you don't like it, don't give it a good score, but don't be rude. It is art, let's be constructive here, kids.


i agree with "trey is meticulous"


The idea is good, the art is pretty good to, yet the idea is getting overused. Sorry.


The idea is good, the art is pretty good to, yet the idea is getting overused. Sorry.


great idea!!!

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Has this been on TV lately?

PS: This is someone else's joke.


A little higher up on the shirt for us ladies please.


might as well just put the nobs over the nipples....


I don't think I've ever seen a Marshall that went to 11. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention. On a side note, we need more "A Mighty Wind" references in our culture.


OK, Guitar Heros.
Already done.
Not saying it looks bad, just saying it's not original.


yeah if the knobs are that 3d you should make everything not flat as well
the text is just straight and so is the rectangle as a whole.

Paula Abdul

I don't get this....but I really like the shade of yellow!


nice but the placement i don't know its a bit iffy.

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