Don't stop 'til you get enough

  • by Hoang
  • posted Jun 11, 2007

Classic MJ

Watch this

Classic MJ


wow! where were you during the eighties contest?






love the song...not so much the shirt. I really like the person (mj) and the traffic lights but not the stream of light coming out.

Simon Cowell

The design is a bit interesting, but it seems like it's overdone. And also, it just doesn't work on a shirt. It's all just a bit boring looking and it looks like he's pissing dots.
Maybe you'll be lucky and Paula will like it enough to send you to the next round but I'm going to have to pass on this design.


lol Simon Cowell


I think it is an avarage good design compared to what is submitted here on threadless.

By the way, I hope people don't think that this is the 'real Simon Cowell' on here!!! I feel that the only way Simon would comment is if he'd be the owner of Threadless, but then everybody would know.

By the way famous people would go as an alias, if they raise their personal opinions and not reveal their true identity in order to have some privacy and being able to enjoy themselves amongst the rest of people.

...Simon Cowell....lmao!~ I can't see a busy person like Simon simply indulge in rating T-Shirt for no particular reason, unless he thinks 'business'. If this where the case he would run his own competition on here.

Believe that this is really Simon, if you wish, I don't!
Maybe I'm wrong. After all it's just my opinion.... :)


yeah i don't think anybody here think's it's really simon cowell


Good design, I would just make the streams of light look a little more solid.


Simon would so say something like "it looks like he's pissing dots" though ;)

I agree with internet Simon, but it's still a sweet design, and it made me laugh.. so 4 :)

Simon Cowell

I may have to organize a telethon to raise money to buy yvanne66 a sense of humor.


There have been other celebs show up on forums and boards.

IIRC, didn't Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton, I believe) show up here in the past?

And Bruce Willis actually showed up on a movie chat board my husband frequents. The moderator thought it was a troll and was going to cut him off, but then calls were made and all of a sudden the "imposter" showed up as a moderator. Kinda interesting.

Plus everyone knows Jenna Fischer from The Office is a frequent visitor to forums and blogs. You never know.

Whether he's real or not, I really could care less. It's funny.


well this is to any designers that happen to come across this...i am the guitarist for a band called salute the dawn (,
i am looking for artists to make my band a logo, for stickers, t shirts, buttons, etc.... if anyone out there is interested, please email us at:

thank you all very much
rock on!


like this alot but i'd love it without the streams :) good work


that would awesome if it was Simon Cowell......


Anyway cool design!!!


I love this! 5 $


awesome...except for guy on top?


I know that you are trying to reference to the song, but I would never wear a shirt with Michael Jackson on it. Remove Michael and just have it be a stop light shirt. If it was I would definitely buy it.


I for one LOVE Michael Jackson AND the design. Hard to get a good color, though, where you can actually SEE him up top and the light's colors would be bright enough. I do kinda like the dark blue, though. :)


love it! wish he was bigger though
hopefully you get a color for the shirt so the character stands out better


i love it...


Yo! PLEASE if there is any threadless staff out there PLEASE print this one .. We'll be good! Promise :)

Randy Jackson

Sorry dawg, its a no from me too. It's just kinda all over the place... you know dude? No real flow. The halftones are kinda killin it for me man.


I Know Paula will show me love


no need for mj to be there detracts from design

Paula Abdul

Hun, is that guy dancing on top of the lights or what? Overall I like the design/colors, but there are small details that I still think you need to work out (like get rid of the half tones on the light post, that makes it look too random). Good luck with your next sub dear!

aldo baldo

I really like this design, and I think Simon Cowell was a bit to harsh (though he always is) but I like it. I say 3$

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