Hurray for Wolpertinger

  • by Laslor
  • posted Jun 11, 2007

Cool, bavarian fable animal Wolpertinger is also included ^^
Didn't expect anyone out of bavaria to know this. For those who don't: It's the rabbit with the horns :)

Watch this
hi-fi gods

in the US, we call it a jackalope. Same animal, cooler bavarian name.


the rabbit with antlers was also a fabled monster in Arcanum (PC game), tho it was blue :)
Hooray for Bavaria


Jackalope: the official fictional animal of Wyoming.


According to some, the Wolpertinger also has wings and fangs, where the Jackalope (most likely shown here) is only a jack rabbit with antelope horns.


Hooray for Leon being a nerd!

I never finished Arcanum. Sigh.

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