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Evolutionarily speaking, this is totally incorrect: the elephant did not evolve from the rhinoceros, feline, etc. And is that white thing a mouse or a small primate?

Sorry, I'm a stickler for seeing evolution represented accurately. There's far too much misunderstanding out there already.


I like the design - a lot. But, like impetuousfink, the representation is dead wrong evolutionarily.


While I'm a stickler about seeing accurate images of evolution as well, I really like the shirt. Just the name is a little unfortunate. But people who see you wearing it won't know the title, so hey, you can tell whatever you think it means, and leave out the evolutionary gaff.
Oh, and $5.

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its funny how evolution is merely a theory and that it holds as much credibility as any religion does, yet people like to argue that your design (a piece of art) is incorrect. beside bones looking alike, and a certain percentage of matching dna, there is no hard evidence to say evolution is possible, its not like anyone has seen an animal evolve, and even if it does happen we will stop it from happening. every time we see something new in the wild we think its "strange" and put it in a lab or display it at a zoo.

Mike Legend


Evolution is merely a theory, huh?

How about you sit the next couple plays out, champ.


Evolution is a load of crap... We all know that humanity is nothing more than a figment of my imagination. And reality is just my brain in a jar floating thru the void. You are all just aspects of me, and While i question my own dreams, including why i would be having an argument with my millions of alters on an imaginary website. But in the end i realize all is as it should be... because if i wasnt arguing ... id be bored.


wow, Ellsswhere,
You are sorely misinformed.

One of my favorite jokes is: A doctor asks a patient, "Are you an evolutionist or a creationist?" The patient says, "Why do you want to know?" "Well, if you believe in evolution, we can give you the new drugs that will actually cure your TB. If you don't believe in evolution, I'll give you the drugs that worked in the 1960's because the bug hasn't changed since God created it."

I started a further diatribe, but then I decided it wasn't worth the effort.

Regarding the submission: It's a fun design, but the title has to go. No only does it indicate that an elephant evolved from a mouse. It also denies that a mouse is a fully evolved creature. All those animals have a common ancestor somewhere, but it's way far back.


There are six types of evolution, only one has substantial, credibly evidence. (microevolution, variations within a species.)

the design itself its cool, but i agree with DrVSP on one point, the name does have to go.

swing theory

Why is this called evolution story?


So since it's the Theory of Gravity, we can argue that it's not real?


errrmmm . . . Okay to be accurate . . .
It is Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation. Laws are the exception to the rule in science. Laws are accepted as rules in our observable universe. Most scientific facts or theories are not 'facts' as we use the term in everyday language; science does not seek to prove, it disproves by making use of the null hypothesis. When the null hypothesis is ruled out we support the hypothesis . . . the more often we support the hypothesis . . . and so on. Gotta love science!!!
And! By using the term theory, as with Evolution, a strong statement is being made about a scientific argument.


Nice echoing effect. A bit hard to see though.


Yeah, okay folks, let's concentrate on the design rather than it's title, mmmkay? 'Cause, you know, when I was in my mid-20's, I knew everything, too. [Whinces from backlash of "Who let the old guy in here??!!!"]
In conclusion, poor choice of title, but cool design nontheless. Are you allowed to resubmit under a different title? I'd hate to see this one get passed up because of a misunderstanding.


I know that I evoled under mum and dad's kitchen sink (they told me so) so I reakon a mouse becoming a elephant can't be all that impossible.

It's just a name for the post guys, as soon as you buy it it will become a T-shirt that you wear rather than any sort of evolutionary statement.

Onto the shirt: I like this overall. The mouse being white pisses me off a little cause it's kinda random seeing as everything else is either red or brown. And the thread at the back is totally unnecessary, what is it doing? Nothing that I can see and it takes away from the silhoutes which to my mind are awesome! So that's my two/twenty cents. Hope I explained myself clearly!

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yeah sorry about that, the title really isnt that important to me. i do rather like the design, but i agree with tobasco in that i think the thread is not needed.

and to slaveofLloyd - - 44 doesn't qualify you as being old. haha.


I forgot to mention: I like the shirt just fine. ;) It's purty.


This looks like a big piece of meat.


good morning friends
i didnt knew this choise of title could affect my work so badly..
for me, the "Evolution" title has no matter at all.. it was just a joke..
unfortunately, its impossible to change design title now.. so i affraid this stupid thing will drop down my design:(((


everyone knows that a cat evolves into a rhino... DUH


From the posts it appears as though many rated the shirt on aesthetics and not based on the title. If the shirt was not attractive I think it would have received much less notice.
(It is hard for someone with a background in science to ignore such posts that seem filled with questions and misunderstandings, but I apologize if mine had a negative impact in any way.)
I really like your shirt and hope to own one soon!!!
Good luck!

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i am terribly and horribly sorry supercat, i was only trying to stir the proverbial sh't. i feel like a bad person now


it almost doesnt make sense.


I adore it! It's not accurate, but that's what artistic liscence is FOR. If anything, I wouldn't include the letters at the bottom that say "evolution" because I wouldn't want to stir a controversy when wearing it. I just love the design, and would wear it in a heartbeat! Hope the tan makes it, but I'd even wear it on the blue!



What is that white line coming out of the mouse's front paw?


Really glad to see this is still in the running. I love it.

And bsweber, lemme tell ya: 20 years from now, you're gonna have some days where you FEEL old. Oy. Take my word for it.


Am I the only one who gets the joke?? It's poking fun at "evolution" right?


I think the design is awesome, but the swirly white lines have to go
I don't like the evolution thing either, but it is easily overlooked


there was an old lady who swallowed a fly. . . or something. . .

Simon Cowell

People can argue about evolution all day here if they want, but the bottom line is this design is garbage.
Not only does it make no sense, but the background with all the dashed lines makes it even less visually appealing. And it wasn't very appealing to begin with.


Wow, a star in our midst. This is on par with Wesley Crusher chiming in, I'd say.

Argh, gotta agree, though. The dotted lines in the back really take away from it.

If you had given it a less controversial title it would have been received differently, but might not have garnered as much blog attention.


Take off the mess of lines in the background and this is cool. OBVIOUSLY evolution didn't go like that, so why take it seriously, mmhm?

chris the prophet

It amuses me that you get more heat about a sequence of animal shapes poorly named than designs glorifying torture.
I'll restrict myself to comments about a t-shirt. I quite like it, especially on the chocolatey colour. I'd like it more without the lines. Also, since they are overlapped rather than displayed sequentially, it is possible to read it several ways, including being a statement about a cluster of animals who may, or may not, share a common ancestor or a common creator if that is your take and how it all got here.
And 'Simon Cowell' should learn how to express himself with a little more humility, but maybe that is why this person chose to represent themselves using that name in cyberspace.


I love the animals and how they are placed, but the lines and colors not so much... Only the animals with other colors would be a 5!


Sorry, but I am not much into the placement at all. The rhino is hanging up around the elephant's knees and it just looks choppy and nonsensical. Sorry I can't give a better verdict, but perhaps try submitting to the critique section and get ideas there to really polish your piece. I would suggest either portray the evolution of a particular line, ie. the elephants, horses, birds or so.


Reminds me of the old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die.


I like it... the stitched swirls in the background are awesome... I personally don't give if it's called evolution or not, it's a shirt dammit, not a statement.


I don't believe in evolution myself (macro-evolution, anyway), but it still bugs me a little that it's completely wrong as per evolutionary theory... (also: for those who disagree, make sure you know the difference between macro-evolution and micro-evolution before proving that micro-evolution happens and therefore macro-evolution must, too...).

ANYWAY, the title aside, I like the shirt, and as "evolution" is just the title and not actually on the shirt anywhere, evolutionary theory isn't going to change my score. As it shouldn't change other people's, either. Score it on the design, not solely on how the title relates (or doesn't) to the design!

Paula Abdul

Simon, don't be ridiculous! This design is fantastic! I love the colors, and the background ices the oh so delicious cake!

cartooner profile pic Alumni

I'm confused a mouse evolves into a cat????

(maybe a better title: Food Chain)



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