• by LILMAUI
  • posted Jun 08, 2007


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work on the speech bubbles- combine them into one that says "arr, lets drink some pirates", redo the text, and make the shape of the bubble less awkward.


good :)
but i don't like the t and the s of pirates
there is a more thin stroke


I think that if i do the text in one bubble the t will lose somethong and will be a little empty...
dont you think?

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

the text bubbles are still awkward shaped and the text treatment isn't that great. At least redraw "pirates" and "Lets"because those two works are the weird ones. The concept is fine and it'll probably get a decent score.


i'd give him a little pirate hat like half on so you can still see his bottle cap, other than that love it.


I would change the edge of the top bubble a little bit, so it looks smoother like the ARR bubble.

There's something about the face that bothers me, but I can't point it out yet. I think it might be TOO simple. Great progress though.


The shadow looks weird on the darker grey.

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