sound under water

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harpo25 profile pic Alumni

great stuff


Wow, this is really nice. I would love it in the blue, as shown.


This is very cool. I like all of the colors you chose.


sweet. this just works so well as a shirt.



ideal has been done, but this will do well.


This is really pretty. Your linework is excellent, love the detail.

Alexandra Marie

SO glad you did another version without a fat man vomiting.
Can't wait until this gets printed.


neat, but think about how the pattern is going to sit across the body, there are so many nice designs that forget that it is for wearing on a human form (usually) and with a little tweaking this could be great looking as a graphic and great looking when worn.


as it stands, i might buy, but not a certainty. Looks great as a piece of art, not 100% about the wearing of it.

the manatee

goddamn. i loved the puking fat man. really wanted it. i'd be happy with this, though. you have amazing designs. i think i've voted $5 for almost all of them.


wowow YES. 5. I like Blue or Green on Dark Brown. Not so much Yellow on Dark Brown. Have you considered all-over prints?


i think its beautiful

keep up the good work


Nice! WOW! I like it! $5


Yes, I want it!


i wish it was all three colors in there :] but $5


i like this a lot but i wish it went up in more of a seedweed like manner. it's kind of just an oval now. more organic would be really cool.


TheRedSatinPants nailed it concerning the shape...and I also second that it would be fun to play with multiple colors for the swirly seeweed.

But really dishy.


I really like the concept, but I think the phonograph should be bigger so the "underwater sound" can easily be seen to be coming out of that.

Miri Tiazan

Yeah, I think the gramophone needs more emphasis--I didn't even notice it was there until I read the title. Love the colors, though.


I'm with BiotaTheGreat: Beef up that phonograph so it stands out more! :-)


awesome... looks great on a shirt


I really really hope you win, I would die for one of these shirts! $5!!


wicked awesome pattern
well done!


seems like the pattern should have more variation to the overall shape. it looks kinda like a blob as it is.

left shoe

dude, this is awesome, but i think that the design coming out shouldn't be so... stiff ish in the sense that it's coming out in this huge chunk... maybe have some come out to the sides a bit so it's not just this thick slanted line of design across the shirt. but love it!

left shoe

btw... love the detail


like the shirt, but I'm with biotathegreat and theredsatinpants.

There is something too uniform about the way it comes out.


Pretty damn amazing! But I agree on more colors and a more organic flow of seaweed.


And well, I really liked the fat man puking design. More than this one actually.

Simon Cowell

Phonographs with swirling shapes coming out of them have been done before, but I do like this quite a bit. I do wish it was going to be more than one ink colour though since it is such an interesting and complex drawing. I think more colours could only help this design. Not sure why you played it so safe with only one colour.


Hi Simon, I did go with the monochromy ( I think that's how you say it in english ) simply because I thought it would be less complicated than with 4 or 5 different ink colors, and I really particularly appreciate line art with only one color, but that's my personal opinion :)


I like this more than the vomiting guy. Would like it even better if the swirls and designs covered the whole shirt, with the phonograph as almost a footnote in the corner.


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rock on!


this is really nice, id definately buy it, especially if the sound part had more development. (e.g. not the same width right at the beginning, developing into more sound)


Better than bird silhouettes flying out of it, but a ghetto blaster would be cooler.


very pretty, kinda eisley-ish, not like youre ripping them off or anything but thats just what it reminds me of

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