Which product pic should I use?

I'm currently trying to get as many product pics put up as possible before the end of the sale...

So, which one of these looks best?

I'm currently favouring #2 because I like my expression better and since it's more zoomed out then the blurring is less obvious... but on the other hand, more difficult to see the actual shirt.


Watch this

Urmmmm 1 :D


Number 3!

ladykat profile pic Alumni


or 4



Number 3 looks the best.
Though, I can't really see the shirt much.


I went and uploaded one before the rest of the replies... and I went with #2. Yup, it's blurry, but there are too many pics of me with a crazy grin anyway...

Lol, if I'd had time to find a hard hat and go to a lion statue, then you might have got that, but I wanted to get as many in as possible for the sale...


This is a veeery old blog...

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