Yes, I know she is naked, no you should not be grossed out or offended in any way.

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Smitty McGillicutty

Yes, I know she is naked, no you should not be grossed out or offended in any way.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like how you tried to avoid the issue of bush by putting in a bush-shaped shadow, which is even more noticeable and disturbing to some undoubtedly on this site. I think the colors and imagery is pretty damned awesome tho. And since im over the age of 15, i don't care if an awesome shirt has nudity or not in it. Just as long as it's a good design..which this is. Love the size of this thing as well.


Cool design. The Cheshire Cat's grin it terrifying. I think I would have this on a ligher coloured t-shirt - maybe something in a yellowy colour?

But great - 4 1/2


I like the colour, like the effect, like the size, like the design. I dun care is it naked.. $5


Great design and colors like a 60's concert poster.

mathiole profile pic Alumni

i like theillustration...but this retangular compoition fits better on a poster...nice one thou


I'm tired of the attempts to mainstream porno -- a zero from me

Ben TM

Beauty! $5


helo - not every illustration of naked women is pornographic. This is a clevel illustration which introduces themes of maturity to Alice in Wonderland. It's clever, complex and well-illustrated.

For you to give it a 0 is ridiculous - are you saying this has NO artistic merit? None at all?


It's a lovely illustration, but I have no interest in wearing naked women on my shirts, well-drawn or no.


Why not slmstanley?


I love the people who don't know the difference between porn and art. 5

Smitty McGillicutty

porn...wow...ok, next time I will make the columns out of giant dildos and put as many sex refrences on it as possible. sigh some people.


She does kind of have a "come hither" look on her face.


;D You guys are silly. I'm a girl, and I would def. wear this! 5! Love the Mr. Caterpillar's smoke around Alice, favorite part. Maybe another design with the same concept, but Alice in a different position or on the side instead of the middle.


its done well, but i am not a huge fan of boxed in designs


i think its done pretty classy. a really cool veiw on alice. i like that she is curvy, and not some rack of bones. $5


Saw this in the critiques. Love what you have done to it. $5


i don't think this ART belongs on a t-shirt, maybe a poster kept in your home/office....there are young kids in public who don't need to see this on someone's shirt. nice illustration however. 5 for the design, but 0 on a tee.

Alexandra Marie

I think this is very well done.
I would not personally wear it, but I'm sure there are plenty who would. 5

The Crackers


i really don't think a well designed shirt with a nude woman on it is going to be bad for the public

when people walk around the public with FUCK __

but whatever you want in the blank

plus looks at mainstream TV where rap videos mainly consisting of cars, and half naked hot women

5, but i wouldn't buy it, still love it though


heyheyitsme - why would children be bothered by nudity?

Kids see worse on TV, adverts, billboards, at the beach, wherever, every day. And the truth is, kids don't care - adults care.

Hurray Beer

I like it 5$!!
I'm tired of all the cutesy T's that get printed...

Smitty McGillicutty

yeah, thanks for that example travoli, I noticed that too, I was hesitant about this piece, but I thought: 1) it isn't lewd 2) I covered all of her naughty bits and 3) aren't all the people on this site artists or art lovers? Why would you not consider the naked body beautiful?


The design is great, in a retro-rock poster way. The "wonderland" font isn't doing it for me though.


Love the Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dumb at the bottom...
Hope this gets printed...I'll sport one just to piss off the whiny "no nude" commenters.

Art+Nudes... yeah, those two haven't been historically paired together for centuries....


Hellooooooooooo Alice!



To die for!

A Huge $5 for you !!!


Agree with dustyj72 about copyright on mad hatter, maybe tweedledee and tweedledum as well. Otherwise is great! (I didn't even think about worrying that she was nude until I saw the comments.)


Kudos to you for not making her some ridiculously skinny stick and giving her realistic tits, ass, thighs and curves. Would definately buy for a guy.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very intricate and glorious. I am enjoying how each aspect of the design interacts with each other. And the color scheme is yummy.

The figure bugs me, though. Not because she is naked, but because her body feels out of proportion. Her bent leg has a super long shin & stubby thigh, her feet look giant in comparison to her tiny hands, and she has a chicken neck. I would also like to see her face look less like Barbie, and more human.



I think thats beautiful. A couple comments though. I don't think everyone on here is an artist or art lover. They are T-shirt BUYERS so you have to design something that people want to wear. I am an artist AND love art and I wouldn't wear this in public because of the suggested nudity. Anyone under 18 would be barred from wearing this and anyone with kids (24+?) probably would not wear it either so you're looking at a market of college kids. You should resub this with some clothes and see how your score does. 4


i don't think this ART belongs on a t-shirt, maybe a poster kept in your home/office....there are young kids in public who don't need to see this on someone's shirt. nice illustration however. 5 for the design, but 0 on a tee.

i think thats a very valid opinion, and you guys seem quick to argue it with an uneven argument. people are entitled to their own opinion, and they regarded the fact that this is very good art.

and i agree. this is a really really nice piece, but for as for a shirt, i would never wear this in public. sure people are walking around with fuck yous on their clothing, but i personally am rather conservative and i would personally never wear anything like this. i wouldn't be offended if i saw it on a shirt, and i dont know if i'd want my 6 year old brother seeing this shirt (in such a large size too, the freakishness of the cheshire cat, and the raising of questions such as "why does that lady's no no place look different from mine?"), but people are entitled to wear whatever they want...

i duno. its beautiful, i'd wear it to sleep. i would even buy it for my boyfriend cus hes into this kinda thing. but uh, way too big and a little exposed


Ok, it is not something that I would actually wear, for many reasons. Mostly because of the size of the design on the shirt - not really my style. But the design is fabulous. It reminds me of Bob Masse's style with simpler lettering.

You know what, as far as the nudity goes, if we could make the whole thing a non issue, kids would become much more mature and intelligent teenagers and might know a thing or two about their bodies without being so ashamed of them. What is so wrong with an attractive human form anyway???


this is very beautiful - you did the nudity in an artful way instead of gaudy and pornographic. it's funny all the little references you put in to alice in wonderland, which i know is the idea but it's very well done! and the fading texture is great, too.


i love this! deff. 5, i like how it changed from critique and i'm glad you submitted it! i hope this gets made into a shirt, i want it. i disagree with all these nakedness/porno comments, its not bad at all, you don't see anything bad..i have seen a lot worse things on shirts. =] hehe love the cheshire cat btw


In terms of the copyright, I doubt that's an issue. Alice in Wonderland was first published in 1865, so I imagine the story, characters and the original John Tenniel illustrations are probably in the public realm by now. I may be wrong though.

I find the reference to genitalia as "no no place" a bit disturbing. Besides - the genitalia is covered, as are the breasts. Really, this is no different than if she was portrayed in underwear or a bikini. There is nothing wrong or offensive in nudity, and children in particular do not need to be "protected" from nudity if it is non-sexual, as this is.

Anyway - regarding her proportions, I think the shadowed parts may be enhancing that, but personally I'm happy to accept the slight misproportions.


Alice got all growed up!


I am a woman and think the design is beautiful. There is a difference between porn and celebrating the full figure of a woman. This shirt is the later. 5!


some of you people sound like a bunch of uptight right wing mormons.
if you get offended by this design then you need serious help

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