The pirate sheep

ARRRRG... come sail the sheep!

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I like it. I wish something about the pirate costume related to the fact that this is a sheep. And, the fluffy bird is the best part.

Annie in Wonderland

2 great cliches that work great together!
I'd actually buy this. $5


I wish something about the pirate costume related to the fact that this is a sheep.

The pun "pirate sheep" for "pirate ship" isn't enough?

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I get the pun, I'm looking for a visual intertwining of the pirate and sheep concepts. I see pirate garb, I see a sheep, but for a 5 I'd need to see at least one pirate element relate back to the sheep concept (i.e., knitting a pirate flag- not that I need that exactly, just something in that vein).

This is quite good as is, I'm not debating that. I'm simply offering a little feedback to the designer on what might help elevate an already cool concept.


This is a grower...


Thanks everyone for the voting and for your comments!
mjoo, I appreciate that you took the time to give me your feedback and it's been helpful. Thanks :)

I'm really glad you all like it! This is my first submission to Threadless and hopefully one of many more to come.


The little bird was what did it for me. Ee! 4


what a talent! this design is a winner, no doubt!


The Pirate Sheep rules!
everybody in da house say MEHHH!!!!!


awhhh its so cuuuute!! if only it wasnt bloooooo.... :[

hehehe its realllly cute though!!!!!



the.rad - I guess she shirt color could be changed. Personally I liked it best on blue, but if nobody else likes that color I'm sure it can be printed on something different.


this is hilarious! im not so sure about the shadow, though.


I like it on blue! Plz don't change it. The only thing I might change is to remove the eyelid on the exposed eye. It would give the sheep a more sheepy (as opposed to sheepish) expression in my mind.

And no shadow matches the style a little better.


This is the third sheep design I've scored in the past four designs.


The only thing I would change is the dark face color with the black eye patch....I can hardly see the eye patch over the dark brown face . Maybe make the sheep's face and legs the same color as his wooden leg ? Light brown so the eye patch stands out ? Then just draw a couple black lines down the wooden leg to make it look more like wood. 5


Once again, Mjoo is amazing.


i want it!

chris the prophet

My youngest daughter would definitely want this!!


love this!! great design =)


Oh no! Pirates again!


Ixnay the shadow, and I'd like some detail on the wool to make him look fuzzier. He looks kind of flat.


I'm tired of pirates...and ninjas...


agreed zombiefood. there are multiple designs on threadless already with pirates and ninjas, and there is even typed tees on pirates. please, enough pirates!


I love this! So cute! The fuzzy bird is great!


I love how the skull on his hat is a sheep scull. I agree that the eyepatch blends a bit into his face but otherwise this is very cute.


doctordeirdre on Jun 01 '07

fuck pirates.

I am still laughing about this because this pirate is a sheep.


I like that little character he is cool! $5


That's really very clever - the eye-patch is just an awesome touch. $5


What if the shadow was of a pirate ship? Than the pun would work in a more visual sense.


LOL! Where were you guys when this design spent days in the critique with no comments? :D


i think you should re-submit this with the changes. I also like the idea of the shadow in the shape of a ship. sorry... we all don't look at the critiques.


the characters are very good. the brown is too dark, though. the humor might have been too sophisticated for some... what i like here is the theme of adventure and home.

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