All movies are NOT created equal...

...and some of these "reveals" are more significant than others.

"Neo is The One"?
Who didn't, halfway through the first film, figure THAT out?

And why are there 2 different entrys for THE VILLAGE - which is arguably the least surprising "thriller" ever made?

"Snape kills Dumbledore" is likely to get you an asswhipping.

Watch this

anyone reading Harry Potter will not be kicking any ass.....


There aren't 2 different ones for the Village


The HP comment is not true. I adore Harry Potter and I could hold my own against a fair amount of people. My best friend loves Harry Potter just as much and I don't doubt she could probably kill someone if it came down to it


If you haven't finished the last HP book by now, you clearly aren't that big a fan and therefore... who cares if the end is ruined for you?


Ever see The Wicker Man? I mean the real one with Chris Lee and Edward Woodward.


I would probably buy this shirt if it weren't for the Fight Club reference. I HAAAAAATE Fight Club. Who's with me?

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