baby corn

  • by peggyc
  • posted May 15, 2007

oh baby corn, you crack me up!

Watch this

oh baby corn, you crack me up!


It took me a while to figure out that was supposed to be a pacifier. (It is, right?) I'm not sure how you'd go about making that more recognisable, but it's worth a try.

I like that you used dark yellow lines to seperate the kernals—it looks good. Try using dark green lines to outline the leaves and the stalk, too.


it would look great on a toddler...i can totally see that as a pacifier! keep up the good work.

i also thought the pacifier was hard to see...


The white on the pacifier looks like teeth at first. Cute idea.


I definitely like the idea. I'd say darken up the lines between the kernels and simplify the pacifier a bit. Find a way to remove the white from it, I think.


Work on the pacifier.. looks kind of like a mouth or some indistinguishable element.


(PS, I am a bit upset with how many people put "Don't Submit" on this one. I really like where it is going.)

I thought of some other things, I think there may be a way to have the husk go up a bit higher and appear to be like a blanket around the baby. Also, I think a lighter shirt color would work better with this.

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