This is a nice shirt, but.

  • by HollyT
  • posted May 14, 2007

Ok, so the tree is a guitar, but the arm and hand on the "fretboard" really annoy me. They seem unfinished and really poorly done compared to the rest of the shirt :(

Watch this

So, does this mean you won't buy it?


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Hey HollyT.
Thanks for your comment..

Just wanted to give you a little inside info on this shirt. This shirt was originally submitted for the "Josh Ritter loves Threadless" contest about his album "The Animal Years". Thus the animalistic looking hands. It was chosen out of that contest to win in the normal contest by the threadless crew............Hope that helps it make more sense...


yah the arms kind of ruined it for me, otherwise i would have been genuinely interested in buying this shirt too :(


I think the animalistic hands are awesome and really in keeping with the look of the rest of the design, the twisted tree for example.


well i like the sketchiness and animalistic hands but...yeah i don't think the other hand is proportional or something. i don't get the fingers. and until you had pointed out that it was hands playing a tree like a guitar, i would not have figured it out


The key to selling t-shirts is hot models!


this shirt would not stick out much without those hands.


The blend of elements gives this shirt a great depth. Love it.


Oh shite, I am even worse then I thought. I only just realised that's what it is. I always wondered why there was a hand at the bottom...
I'm going to throw a golf ball at a wall so it bounces back into my head.


Ok, I really don't think this shirt is about finding that it's secretly a drawing of someone playing guitar. I don't know how you are missing the foot and elbow and birds and blossoms and man in the background praying. The tuning screws are just one of the many secondaries to find in this cinglomerate of hidden twists.

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