trying too hard?

  • by teganjean
  • posted May 14, 2007

This design smacks of someone trying desperately to impress people.

OR perhaps it's simply a case of knowing that...

Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. A major dilemma in graphic design...

Watch this

Obviously not too hard. They succeded.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Yep. And they sure as hell failed with that trying to impress thing didn't they! I mean, if they had played their cards right they might have got a t-shirt for sale on Threadless or something.


why try at something if you dont want to impress people? doesn't everyone want to impress?


Isn't threadless about designing shirts people will be proud to wear? i love this shirt, i love most of the select shirts, generally because they're a bit different and usually a bit more twisted in a not emo way.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

what the hell does any of what you said even mean?

Shark_biscuit profile pic Alumni

have a fat cry why dont you

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

When I want to impress people I just show them my enormous penis.

It will never get on a Threadless shirt, but it will never cause anyone to write whiny blogs, either.

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