Chest of Drawers

Ok, this was in crit, let me know what you think about it with the corrections

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Smitty McGillicutty

Ok, this was in crit, let me know what you think about it with the corrections


I laughed so hard when I saw this. I like the coloring and design of the drawers but I would prefer handles over locks. A really cool thought, a defenite buy.


This looks like it'd go with that t-shirt with the keys on it, but like alhaze said, handles would be preferable.


funny idea.. they need handles or something though, so it's obvious there's drawers there. The locks look good.


I like the concept, the design could be a little better though I think...


you definately need handles how else can you open the drawers


i like the idea, but maybe you can do something cool with the lock. or make them wider


was? wer? warum?


I agree with J-Ray about them needing handles of some description. I also think the draws start too high up on the chest.
I think it needs refinement but that its a clever concept and that you're on the right track.


I'm with Willish on the drawers starting too high up, otherwise, very nice...


I think they should start a bit lower down have four of them and follow the shape of the body, so they would get smaller then wider again as they went down.


Handles.. if it was one then a lock is fine but theres 3 so go with handles

Smitty McGillicutty

thanks for the feedback so far, I will definitely put some handles on it if I resub


Great idea! Definitely needs handles, yes. So funny though!


Nice woodgrain texture, but agree with handles. I think you should def resubmit tho, it's an awesome idea!

Cold Collards

sorta invites people to touch you. no thanks. sorry.


For the ladies: two handles on each drawer ;) Nice. I like. Dali- esque!


hehe I think it's funny but I think it should be a little further down from the neck.. but very cool idea!


I think this is pretty cool, but not for a girl (aka me)


first I thought this was inane, then I read the title. then I pretended to see a hot chick at a party wearing it. And man, would I wanna jump that chick.

Smitty McGillicutty

I think it would be great for the ladies, regardless if it has a center pull or two knobs


yes!!! two knobs will be great!!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

lol this is so weird that I love it


Bahahahaha... CHEST... of drawers! HAHAHA I love it.

$5 for sure!!


Get over it it's freaking funny! Solid effort, does need the handels though and for continuity I'd want all the same locks. But thats just me.


Oh Smitty McGillicutty, you get a 5 just for having an awesome name.


I really like it, i just wish the wood grain on the drawers didn't like up perfectly with the woodgrain of the background. But that's minor.

Smitty McGillicutty

all good points, and I WILL be changing it and adding handles, questions for you guys:

1) should all of the pulls be the same and if so, two knobs or a center pull

2) I have a version of this with gold metal and light wood grain printed on a khaki shirt, would that be better?


would totally buy this.. but, the term 'chest of drawers' isnt used a ton here in the U.S.. Or atleast where i live.

Smitty McGillicutty

really? I am from the South and that was always what we called it, hmmm.


definately needs handles. why are the locks different?

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