Who's The Best?

Who's the best?

Watch this

Looks kind of like something somebody might draw in their notebook when bored. That being said, maybe some faint blue lines and an actual caption "who's the best?" would make this funnier.


That's hysterical - now if you only put in a robot too - then we could all argue about it! My votes on the ninja...

anyways - i like the design and would wear but maybe without the text?


You need to add a zombie, too :)


Ninja! would win.

I agree with the others. It needs a robot and a zombie... cowboys shouldn't even be on the T. They'd never survive.


Ninjas by far.

Annie in Wonderland

I'm not sure if the viking really belongs, i would put a robot or an astronaut.


Never score your own work!!!!!!


another opinion i got was lumberjacks



and i didnt score it, is just there as an advertisement


I persoanlly like it. I wouldn't wear it, but I give it a thumbs up. :)


i think this is very creative. i would wear it. like.. possibly everyday id just keep washing it so i could wear. okay bye.


The ninja looks like a woman in a full veil.


Good idea (especially for the Threadless community) but I think the design could be brightened up a little. I agree that the cowboy should be replaced with an astronaut (don't like zombies!) but if it was, then I'd have to chose between that and pirate. Aaarrgh, hard decision!


Itll be a close fight between the ninja and pirate as they are the coolest but i think the ninja has it due to extra-sneakiness. Wicked design and i agree with balthazar about putting the caption on the tee


Vikings for the win! B)

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