Pole Tennis

  • by jakes90
  • posted May 01, 2007

Creative design

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Creative design

Serenity Now

Clever idea, but at the risk of being a party pooper, I think it's a little disrespectful of the military. =/ Maybe it's just because one of my good friends just got back from Iraq.

And I think you should go with either all black, or use more colors than just two.


mono-colour is better...


i thought it was funny!


If it wasn't for that Clint Eastwood movie coming out recently, more people would think this was funny.


totally funny - even though it may be "bad timing" i'd still buy!


it really is not funny

it is disrespectful

it is also just generally quite poor



I don't care if it's disrespectful fo the military... it's called The First Amendment, people! sheesh. Make fun of everything. I think the execution could be better, but I like the idea.


funny sunshine how your first amendment argument works equally well for those telling the artist off about the concept.

just because people have a right to say something doesn't mean anyone has the obligation to listen to their crap in silence.


not funny.


you shouldn't take something monumental/serious and attempt to make it into a joke.

especially not about soldiers and not right now.


from the Family Guy school of random humour


it really bothers me that the soldiers and the rackets/tetherball pole are different shades of black... it just looks sloppy.


also, i'm all for satire and such, but what's your point? if it were some ironic statement it would definitely work for me, but right now i feel like it's just a visual gag, which i guess is fine too

Alexandra Marie

And not simply from the 'it's disrespectful' point of view but from the 'it's ugly' and the 'no skill involved' points of view also.


I don't understand why it's disrespectful or why you'd be an asshole to wear it.


eh, slightly sacreligous in terms of life now, but still clever i think


Hey, wow you are all so uptight about this stuff. you all need to calm down a little. anyways good design id wear it. oh and as for the comment by ernabug....sacreligous?? since when is the army a religious institution in America?


It's clever, but you should make it a tether ball and lose the rackets. Don't mind these PC morons.


ok i've personally wasted too much time on this shite design already however ... in the interest of my (i fear futile) efforts to try to help some people appreciate the unimaginable sacrifices young men not much older than most of you...made so you could be free to type nonsense on teh interweb.


read this:


and this


consider that 3 of the men that raised the Flag (technically the photo this sub is mocking is the 2nd flag raised..but feel free to google about that if you'd like) were killed on Iwo Jima shortly after the photo was taken a 4th was wounded in battle on the Island.

over 7,000 Americans died taking the island

so... certainly it is a free country... and if people want to make a shirt like this I guess they can...but I for one and going to think they are total twats for making or wearing it.

I am also taking this someone personally perhaps as my grandfather flew missions from Air strips on the island (taking fire while taking off)

if feeling and showing respect to men that did what I for one can scarcely begin to imagine makes people "pc morons" well...fuck it...pc it is I guess

ok and with that I am fucking done w/ this...

Captain Global

Sorry, but it's just not funny. You earned this zero fair and square.


Many peoples grandparents and great grandparents fought in either WWII or WWI, both my grandparents fought as did my great grandfather in WWI. And i do not disrespect them, but at the same time in todays society I feel that war is less then necessary, and if you think that way then i feel sorry for you. You do not have to like the design or meaning behind it but at least appreciate that someone out there feels that war is dumb and should on some level be made fun of for its ridiculousness. As for maddingo, you seem to want to get people to respect soldiers but you call people "twats" and swear at them....just doesnt make sense....


Ok i dont think its disrespectful just a humorous tee, in plus tether ball is an amazing game, $5 even though i know itll never get printed =].


Abasolutely Fantastic! 5!


hmmm. no thanks.


With all of the ridiculousness that is happening with the military right now, you choose one of the most honorable moments to parody? Nope. Nada.


I really REALLY like this!
The comments are making me laugh. I don't get why people can get upset by tetherball and how they find it disrspectful and forwarding to links so we can read about the battle of Iwo Jima. Very cute but honestly - If a pole with a tennisball can ruin that momment (if it actually occured) and make you upset you need to find yourself a hobby.

It's just a t-shirt for crying out loud...
Hakuna Matata, folks!


if I'm not mistaken, there was a sub a short while ago, only the men were holding something else (don't remember what it was)... what is weird is that I don't remember seeing any type of "this shirt is offensive" comments for that other one... unless I didn't read the comments or remember it wrong. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?


No. But if it was anything like this shirt, those comments were probably not there for the fact that that it was, in fact, not offensive. Just like this one.
Making a joke about, or out of something doesn't automatically mean it is disrespectfull. Those are two completely different things. This design doesn't cross any line, in my opinion. I don't see how a simple game could be offensive to people here in this thread.

With all respect to soldiers and all....this design made me laugh.


I think everyone needs to lighten up a bit... there are far more offensive shirts out there that you can go complain about


Um, wasn't the point of the whole Clint Eastwood film, based on fact, that the entire flag raising thing was staged? That the guys who were being honored were feeling conflicted and guilty because they were being called heroes for participating in a PR thing?

But it's kinda strange: Jesus, whom a lot of people hold near and dear to their heard, playing soccer is funny, but a shirt with four guys who faked a heroic moment is disrespectful.... but whatever.


Wait, I must correct myself. The film wasn't about the photo being staged, it was about the men in the photo being "marketed" by the government, etc. after the famous shot, which to me is just as bad as making a t-shirt....


::sigh::. If this wasn't EVERYWHERE already, then I wouldn't dislike your comment about it being so very original. I dislike this.


Yeah, sorry... too disrespectful for me.

The Astronomist

cool...but, NOT COOL AT ALL. that statue is an american history mark and this just mocks the country.


its pretty funny, and its a joke, i mean live a little laugh a little, dont be a prick


it is clever and i'm sure if they did something with a falling Saddam Hussein statue no one would be up in arms.


It's just not a question of patriotism, or respect, it's a play on a well known image.

I don't exactly love the military, but I doubt I could care more about the people who fight and die for the things they believe in.

But, I don't think this has anything to with them, it's just a joke.

It's easy to get defensive, offensive, and angry, but let's just simmer.


pshaw. the image was a setup anyway. the photographer saw them putting up the flag, and had them come back next day and pose it....

i don't think it's disrespectful to the military, esp. if you know the history of the image. i think it's kinda funny...


ok, what people seem to forget abotu the military is IT'S THEIR CHOICE to sacrifice their lives. No one forced them.

I love how it's perfecty fine to make fun of every other profession in the world except the military. Whoever said that was fair. I think it's hilarious. $4 from me.


I couldn't care less if you mock the army, but this picture isn't really well-executed, and doesn't make much sense. I mean, I get it, but I don't get it. I'll give it a 3.


If you had made the people putting up the pole not soldiers, it might have been a little funny, but... as it is it goes beyond disrespectful to our veterans.


After a lot of though, (way too much thought for a freakin' t-shirt design) It's poor taste bro. 1st amendment or not, it's just not that funny. If it were sidesplittingly funny, & in bad taste, I'd say go for it. But bottom line, it's not that great. That's just my opinion...


Jesus Humping (I do not presume I can use the F-word in here...) Christ... And suddenly all the humour disappeared...

Firstly, so there is no mistake to be made, I find the T-Shirt hillarious...

I do not think that Jakes90 made the print to mock the American soldiers, who sacrificed their lifes on the alter of freedom...
To my mind, it seems that Jakes90 is trying to blow some lighthearted humour into a very serious subject, (not the battle of Iwo Jima... For the loving sake of God, there has been greater battles even before and after, perhaps even more relevant battles...) But none the less, a symbol of the American army, and the fact that they will occupy other countries in the name of freedom and democracy, (how ever those three things can ever walk hand in hand...?). I like to think of it as very symbolic, that they are rising a tetherball that you can shoot back and forth from here on and ever after...

I am convinced that those four(?) soldiers did quite some braveries that day, but I am not so sure that the United States of America as a nation has done any brave things thru occupations in the name of democracy and freedom...


"Iwo Jima was the first place an invader's flag ever flew over Japanese home territory." - When has invaders or invasion ever been a positive word???



It's not a symbol of the American Army.

It was the Marines at Iwo Jima bro...

Read a history book, then a bible, then talk to a Veteran. And while your at it, thank him for being an "invader," because he beat up on the poor innocent little kamikaze Japanese, & the sweet nice & caring Nazi Germans, & the precious Koreans, (do I need to continue the list or what?) who would have slit your throat and drank your children's blood in an instant had our "Tyrannous Military Invaders" not risked their lives and braved hardship, away from home in a foreign land. These "folks" are our allies now & why? (excluding N Korea of course) "In the name of democracy and freedom."

We invaded noone. You haven't seen any high-jacked 747's smash into any 650ft building lately have you? I'd say that's an occupation in the name of democracy & freedom. I've been there, I'd know...

Were we talking about a T-Shirt? Where am I?


I like it despite the horrible slaughter and whatnot


get your panties out of your hineys you BIG BABIES!

i like it.

The Wee Straggler

f I'm not mistaken, there was a sub a short while ago...I don't remember seeing any type of "this shirt is offensive" comments.

Someone had a critique a while back of them planting a tree. It wasn't a joke, so the "disrespect" wasn't there.

Incidentally that was a far superior design. I'm sorry it's gone.


i've never heard of pole tennis

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