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  • by Logoboy
  • posted Apr 30, 2007

Watch this

I don't like the circle back ground and I'm not a fan of phychics... it that even spelt right?


You're fortune says: You will never win a spelling bee...just teasing!


lol I love the concept! ^_^ and the sign is well done too!
but the circle bothers me too... hmmm
but its still awesome!


I like it, it's funny.

I'd wear it, but I might not buy it, see.


its cool but the wording bothers me for some reason.

Amelia E.

I really like this, but I'm not crazy about the circle either.


Circle doesn't bother me at all, but I think it's slightly too large on the shirt.


it's kind of strange to have it on that angle.


I'm not fond of the red letters. I thought there was a secret message or something, but HAAOR doesn't make much sense...


Umm....grammer check maybe? u use had in past tence and tomorrow is makes no sence...maybe it should say you are going to have a good day tomorrow?..iot would make more sence that way!!
other than that great idea


btw im suprised no one else caught this?

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

.. Im not so sure .. because to the person saying it the day in question has already happened (to an extent) so it is the past and they are relating a past event to some one in the present so i think it could be okay.

also ^ needs to check their spelling before you knock someones grammar

anyway its neat idea and well done illustration but I do agree that it should be smaller on the shirt


hahaha yeah seriously. Don't rip on other peoples grammAR and tenSE before checking your own.


the future tense thing was definitely on purpose. As to the red letters, I agree they should do something, since they stick out so much. I kind of dig the circle thing.


red letters should spell something


i'm unsure if i'd buy this, but the realism in a surreal image appeals to me. i think the execution is really grand and reminds me of some of my fave artists who apply hyper-realism to surreal subjects (like lynch). it gives it that kind of dream-like quality. i ramble. but i say good things, because i enjoy it. it's the details that make it. i don't mind the circle. perhaps we see what madame ruby sees, reminiscent of her crystal ball. or perhaps it just adds to the kitsch.


Ha! Nice one!


I agree with KM3 & oruwu, the red letters make no sense


I say make the sky look more unfisished rather than a circle.

and just my opinion, but I'd like it if it said "psycic inn" or something of that nature.

completely love it other than that, and I personally like the red letters.


nice concept and design.


i don't understand why circles bother everyone, I quite like it.


LMAO! $5!


i want someone to do this idea with a sign outside a church I saw, this was a real sign:

Come to our Healing Service
You won't get better


I love the circle and I love the message.
Colour scheme and position, everything is perfect.


I like it, especially the colors, but I don't know about the circle. That's my only problem ,$4.


I like it, especially the colors, but I don't know about the circle. That's my only problem ,$4.


Sorry for double comment!


I like the circle it adds more than the sign would by itself


Awesome design!
You've got great talent - would love to see you use it to help a great cause...

Join our fight to end the genocide in darfur.
The situation over there desperately needs attention and funds!
Design a t-shrit with the words "noise for darfur" on the front (to be printed on a white t, max 4 unique colours) and help get the word about darfur out on the streets of australia

Visit or email me for more info



great design, the circle can go.


i love the future/past tense thing - very funny.
Everyone who doesn't get that is an idiot and shouldn't own the shirt anyway.
My only issues are the red letters - they should spell something or not be there at all - and also the text is a little small and hard to read on that angle - wouldn't want people staring at my chest for that long so they could read it.
But i really like the concept!


I don't understand why haaor are highlighted.. does that mean something?


I don't care for the circle or the red letters.
The future/past tense wording is the whole concept.



i like the circle. it reminds me of a crystal ball.



Your fortune says: You need to learn the difference between 'your' and 'you're'. Not kidding.


It's called a typo, and where's YOU"RE sense of humor??

killian katten

that circle bothers me, as does the grammar, but i'm not gonna be mean about it like alejandro


I like it but I agree with the point about the red letters, it would be cool if they spelt something (but I know why you did it, those things never seem to have letters all the same!). Also, I'd like the angle of the sign titled just a bit more towards me, but that's personal preference.

Charli Balls

I love and all! ...Just depends on the way you look at it...the cirlcle kind of ties it all up, makes it more of an illustration rather than just one of those cheap "band" shirts you get after an alternative rock gig...I'd buy it!


Thanks everyone for your kind words and valuable feedback.


Amusing, but doesn't quite work ...


this is made me chuckle... $5

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