One second...

*GASP*... you threadless too?!?!

Do you know what i love?!?!

Being an aussie girl, let alone an adelaide girl, local threadless patrons are somewhat of a rarity.

SO... when i see someone with a shirt from threadless... i get excited!!!

i love that connection between two threadheads... when you're wearing a wiked-awesome shirt... and you pass someone with another wiked-awesome tee.... that second where you pass them and ur like AYYYYYYYY we r SO AWESOME!!!!!


that happened to me today :)

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Leonard Lau

The first time I saw somebody wear a Threadless t-shirt when I was wearing one too made me smile. I was wearing 'Some Choices Are Just Out Of Reach' and she had the 99 Luftballons on.

She and I had a conversation too as we were at a bus stop for a few minutes - different bus routes though, unfortunately.

It was a great day; you will be surprised how much joy the situation brings.


i think ive stayed up too late


hey wikked... yesh, adelaide, is a rockin little town.
not much to do tho.


haha, that's great. I see at least one a day, sometimes three or four.

Although when you start blogging, those other people start to annoy you because they seem like such posers.


I once went to the zoo, with alphabet zoo on, and saw someone else wearing it too...

hey, thats almost a song...


I see people wearing Threadless shirts here pretty often, i smile at them but i've never gotten a reaction before.

Ady bear

i dont see no one with threadless tee's round my way-i did last year at a festival-got on well :-)


the first day i found threadless, i saw three threadless shirt wearers around town!


there are getting to be plenty more of us round now, eh. speshly with all the loves comps. aaaackk i love it!

there was a guy at a local film festival the other day with nature calls... very cool. nodded at me in my mp(3)... =}


People always look at me like I'm crazy when I say, "OMG YOU THREADLESS TOO LOL, LIKE BFFL!!!!"


I see a few threadless wearers at concerts usually, I seen the B.F.F shirt and the one with the monster walking the old lady across the street...I forget the name.
The couple of times I saw MC Chris I had threadless on, he gave me mad props on my Corporate Zombis, and Its better to give shirts.
When I wear my MP3's shirt to concerts people sometimes think Im in the band.


cheers guys for ur insights. warm fuzzies all round ^_^

elleevee profile pic Alumni

yeah aussies represent!

jublin profile pic Alumni

when i saw my first threadless shirt celebrity skinnycorp sighting here in australia it reminded me of being back home.

but i've seen quite a few here to my surprise.

Dan in The 518

I've never seen someone else wear a threadless shirt V_V


i've seen a vagillion people wearing threadless at my school.

Dan in The 518
  1. vagillion-A number equaling roughly 3.1 billion or the world female population.


bahahah vagillion, i like it.

whoa, francobolli... that would be very eerie... seeing people wearing something you designed. would giv u a buzz tho, hey.

i wonder how many threadlessing aussies there are...


yes, would have been.

and neutering is much more psychologically and phyisically damaging.

laughs maniacally


im in adelaide right now!


i'm the only girl in eagle pass with threadless.


my little brother's also the only kid with threadless.




I see the "Yeah" one constantly here in vegas, and at my work, everyone loves threadless, So I see them every day, theres like 4 threadless addicts, that wear the shirts everyday.

Leonard Lau

angelito, if you ever bump into that dude again - who are you gonna call?



I've never seen anyone wear a threadless tee. I feel a desperate need to spread the word.
(Only I don't have a threadless tee either...)


i wore stabby mcknife to the bars last night and i saw someone wearing strangers with candy so i went up to him and said nice threadless shirt and he looked all puzzled and asked what threadless was i was so dissapointed i just shook my head and walked away


You know what sheep, ive had that same fuckin thing happen before, they get all confused when you say awesome threadless shirt! and they go, uh, oh im sorry were you talking to me, and then give me the puzzled look.


yea i get sad when i t happens i dont think they deserve the shirt if they dont even know what threadless is
i think from now on when that happens im gonna spill wine on there shirts cuz they dont deserve them

Leonard Lau

That is not unusual.

Perhaps the t-shirt was a gift or they bought it without caring too much about the particular website or community in mind.

Shame really.

Leonard Lau

I like your idea best - 'accidentally' spill wine over those who don't realise much beyond the Threadless t-shirt(s).


yea or just rip it off and run but i think i like the wine idea better im definitly gonna have to try it out


I saw three people in the past two days wearing threadless shirts - very unusual as I've only seen one before in the whole six months I've been on the site! I saw communist party, Shakespeare hates your emo poems and - can't remember what it's called but the one with a dove and a grenade. unfortunately they were all on randomers walking past who I couldn't engage in conversation


well it seems that there are plenty of fake tees out there now, one of my lil brothers friends has the dark side of the garden, but blown up to massive size and on a grey tee. it looks crap. and she sed she bought it in a boutique in melbourne. its rele kinda sad that people r getting their designs ripped off. i dont think its at all fair that others r making money from their awesomeness.

aled profile pic Alumni

I live in London and In my whole life I've only ever seen 2 people in the street wearing Threadless tees and both (chick and dude - different sides of the city, a year apart) were the 'I Love Killing Zombies' one. Also - my buddy Matt who introduced me to Threadless. I like the fact that it's still on the d-low here.

Leonard Lau

Aahhh fatheed, come back to Suffolk and relive your glory days!

aled profile pic Alumni

Hahaha. I wouldn't say they were glory days.

Leonard Lau

Oh well, nevermind then.

As for erin's question; I live in Woodbridge, which is a small village in Suffolk - it is just outside Ipswich and is in the UK (if you didn't know where Ipswich is).

fatheed, it would be ideal to dig up your Google Earth blog and post the location latitudes for erin to see!


Las Vegas, you guys live in such cool places, London, etc, Me, Las Vegas, NV , US...whoopdee effing doo. :)


rite, las vegas... pffft... like theres no hype or associated with THAT city.

ohhh im so jealous of u guys :)

adelaide is boring.
but yeh, i totally agree with u, fatheed... i actually LIKE the fact that threadless isnt all that well known where i am. The only people i actually KNOW who are into it are my boyfriend (who introduced me to it) and my best friend. its like we've got our own little exclusive thing going on. i love it :)


ARRRRGHHH! i met a complete nutter from Woodbridge on a train- he told me he made someones' knee cap spin 180 degrees by hitting it with a baseball bat.

East Anglia, baby! Wooooooooooooo!


omg.... ouch.

my friend once caved a girls eye in when pitching in softball. i didnt see it actually happen, but apparently she pushed her eyeball in pretty far and bruised her brain.


Leonard Lau

That wouldn't have been me phones, I'm too nice.

Where do you live then mate?

Leonard Lau

erin, this best friend you speak of - is she the one (of the two) in the photograph?


jesus! that's gotta smart!

cough it's a magical place/ we're on our way there/ old age pensioners in a million/ it's called bury st edmunds r us

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