Some things need not be spoken.

  • by Cheekyman
  • posted Apr 28, 2007

Threadless, you rock!

Watch this

Threadless, you rock!


Nice. But get rid of the text, leave the sign language. Makes it more cryptic and more fun.


i agree just the sign language would be great, and maybe a little bigger


Ha ha- jeez at first I was like did he make up his own sign language alphabet.....then I realized that its British sign language! Holy moly I'm slow today. (silly American)


at least you KNEW there was a difference between american and british sign language... I didn't! shame on me!

i like this though...


It looks cool and all, but what is THREADLESS?


why not do it in the internationally known sign?


I agree with removing the text and just keeping the signs.


put "threadless" on the back maybe? make everything bigger, i can't see


yes. i love this but threadless on the back


no, take "threadless" out entirely; i love the cryptic aspect


put threadless on the back. I recomend using American Sign Lauguage, it's well known and it would look less crowded on the shirt.


I agree with using ASL, maybe because I teach it. I don't know that alphabet, and I sure can't tell how to make the signs by looking at that picture.


I only know American Sign Language letters...but it'd still be cool to wear around here.


Totally didn't know there was a difference. How ignorant of me. Thanks for the enlightenment.


ProfessorE, you got an actual, audible laugh out of me. At work. And you should know I'm the dour and unsmiling type.


Please do this in ASL!!!


I agree with comments about removing the text. Great idea!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Wow, is it me or does british sign language look needlessly complicated? 2 hands for every letter? CRAZY!


I like it but HUGE hands so it can fill the t-shirt. Um also remove the letters or figure a way to put them (somewhere) so it's more cryptic. Those are just suggestions, not demands.

Alexandra Marie

I am slow as well. I was like what kind of jacked up sign language is that?

Make an ASL version. I agree with Threadless on the back and a larger view.


good idea, needs some work as stated in the comments above. 2 for now.


Cool :D wants to learn British Sign Language now


Thanks everybody for your feedback.
I will try out your suggestions, watch this space.

The Crackers

i've seen a Sessions shirt that does the same thing, with the sign language thing

except it had color and was executed better.

but i still like it


Yeah... I would like it in ASL. Then I could actually read it with out the text.


juat repeating what others have said. i like it but remove the letters. but keep it british. im australian and we must use the british sign, so then would most post british colonies and probaably lots of europe. So im sure there are many people out there who would use the one on the shirt. I know i instantly understood it ( we has the sign language in the phonebooks when i was young so everyone i know learnt it off by heart). so it reminds me of my childhood, lol. love it


Actually BSL is not used in all English speaking countries/ old colonies (like how the US has ASL). I like this, but then I speak BSL. Sign BSL? I dunno... I think it makes little difference, as many people wont be able tio tell the difference.


i sign, i prefer ASL, but good idea, a lil bit of kissin ass but im still giving u a 5$! lol id wear it.


it looks more like touch points than BSL.


comment? THREADLESS?

Band Geek

Either ASL or BSL works for me... I teach ASL so I'd prefer ASL but I'm sure just as many people would take BSL any day. You should leave out the text though, or at least put it on the back.
*Nice job


I agree with using ASL. Single-hand signs might allow them to be bigger. If you want to keep the text, I agree with putting it on the back. Cool concept though, just needs some refinement.


deffinateley would be cool if the design was bigger

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