i like trees

em... i like trees.

Watch this

i like trees too!

monday monday

I really like this design. Simple, nice lines. VERY wearable. 5$


i feel like i've seen that tree before somewhere.


Should be on a green shirt...or something more...uh...'earthy'...white is just so boring...or at least make the text green...

indie eyes

theyve already used the term "i like trees" on a green shirt with a giraffe on it.


Isn't that the LRG tree?? Clever


Cute, I love it

renfrue profile pic Alumni

damn tree hugging hippies

srsly, it's cute, i'd buy for a friend (if design on another color)


I like trees too.


i'd like it if the tree were green, etc to look more realistic


i'd like this on a brown shirt, green tree, and white letters

looks awesome though. would def. buy it


fuck all these player-haters rhi! your shirt is awesome. if it was on green and all that other stuff it would extremely cliched and like you were trying to save the world. this just says that trees are cool. sweetness


trees rock my world! id wear it , but it would have to be on a vest top ! buy i guess u only get to design T-SHIRTS here ! loving the text and the line work! and im fucking digging the wicked roots (digging haha) roots rock my world as well ! and HI-5 to
Will-crawdordrive hehe hi-fucking 5 !


just wanted to reply to various people about my choice of background- i put it on a natural shirt because of the dyes normally used to colour shirts probably arent going to do trees anygood.
and i didnt want the tshirt to contradict itself.
not that anyone's going to look that far into it but me, but it was playing on my mind...


i love trees, not sure i love the design though...

Annie in Wonderland

I love trees, and the design, but not the colors. Maybe green on brown...


NO - the irony is that what should be green, is red


A green tree on a brown t-shirt (or vice versa)? God, Ive never seen that before! I like the white with the black outline. Nice and simple. Id definately buy one.


I like mashed potatoes.

I don't like cottonwood trees, they make a huge mess all over the place and cause allergic reactions. And I don't like those trees that smell disgusting when they bloom. Don't know what that smell is for sure, but it's foul.

Other than that, yeah, trees are fine. But if I were one of those true tree activists, like Julia Butterfly Hill, I'd want a shirt with a little more panache, a bit more sparkle, than a simple "I like trees." Don't just spell it out on the front; let your design SHOW me why you like trees. That's what design is all about...communicating with images. Text is a crutch for an incomplete design.


nix the text and make the tree huge.


I love the tree. The text is unnecessary. Consider putting it on green, instead of white?


I agree with mephitine, there must be a way to show your love of trees without the text, wish I could suggest one after leaving this critisim but I can't :(, like the outline and I get the plain colour of the T-shirt. Tops.


I agree with DelicateBalance who agrees with tobasco who agrees with mephitine, just to clear that up...


SO DO I!! You tree is very detailed and pretty. And I DISAGREE with DelicateBalance who agrees with tobasco who agrees with mephitine. I like your text. Humph.


i love trees, but i try to be more subtle about it.


i like the text but not the colors... white and red? really?


trees is a slang for weed in NY. I think I'd wear it just for that


I like trees too... but I also like stellar designs. This just doesn't do it for me... even thought i agree with the message. =/

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I like to SMOKE trees. Yeah dude! 420!!!


Eh, I would love this if the tree were different.

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