Jesus Lives In My Heart

reception is terrible in the right ventricle...

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reception is terrible in the right ventricle...


well... i'm a christian... i like the idea... but the design bothers me a bit... but i'd buy it... it's cool... just try to figure out that design a bit better... and you hit the spot man... really cool... as i recently mentioned... i'd buy it... but i can't go with 5$... let's say 3$...


Hah! That made me laugh.

I like the idea, even as a non-practicing Christian, but I think it could be better executed.


When I was a kid in Sunday school I used to imagine a little door on my heart in which Jesus walked through. And my heart had a roof...
Will the placement be more heart area?

The Jolly Brewer

How do I say this while trying to be constructive and/or? Not sure if there is a way... anyway... Bad idea on a tenuous theme. Not a great illustration and something I would NEVER wear on shirt!

The Jolly Brewer

I'm sure a few Bible bashers will like it, and a few non religious types will find it funny, you may even get a couple of 'blasphemy' posts.

I just think it's a bit lame. Sorry.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Hahah! I love how stumpy the jesus is.


Jk, ok concept, not really printable or anything. The illustration could use heaps of work.


the concept is funny to me ( I am not a christian) but the execution is a little weak


I love the concept, but I agree that the design needs a little work. I love blasphemy.


i appreciate the honesty so far :)


i hate christians, but i would buy this shirt. but could you put an "im not a Christian" label on there somewhere, just so that people dont affiliate me with that bunch?



this is a very awes0me concept but i think the illustration could be carried out further definetly.

reshape your heart so it's a little more realistic && fix up your 'jesus' shape && his furniture, more detail

but 5 for sure. cool thinking!


1st this is a nice sub. i think the illustration is fine. not everything has to look like a photo. i wonder if people are complaining about the drawing because they're nervous about the subject.

2nd Do not lump Christians into one category. There are lots of us out there and some may deserve to be disliked and some not. It is no more acceptable to say, "I hate Christians," than it is to say, "I hate black people," or "I hate Jews". If you want to say, "I don't understand why..." or "It bothers me when people who call themselves Christians behave like..." or "That guy who tried to recruit me was really rude," or "Jerry Faldwell doesn't seem very Christian according to what I believe," or "Isn't it amazing that there are people out there who believe in loving their neighbor and live their lives accordingly?" that is ok. Just like you can say, "Michael Jackson is unusual," or "Maybe Isreal should rethink its policy toward the Palestinians," and no one should object.


As a physician, I also object to "make the heart more realistic". This drawing has all the relevant vessels, valves and chambers, and they are reasonably represented in size and shape. If you want total realism (which isn't the point of this sub anyway) go buy a pathology textbook and go to medical school. It's not nearly as fun as blogging about art and the hours are terrible.


I love it, but I don't love the placement or shirt color.


With that fireplace going, Jesus is gonna give you the real bad heartburn...

And I'm done.

comical morbidity

dood people. i dont think religion matters on what you wear. its just t-shirt and its funny and its cute. i mean what if it was chuck norris? then you wouldnt care about wearing it if your not christian.


comical morbidity - chuck norris ALSO hates Christians. so i win. becuase chuck norris is on my side. how do you argue with that? you cant. its science.


Chuck Norris is a Christian. And you're an idiot, youshouldbegolfin.

Design cracked me up...but it was mainly because of little stumpy Jesus watching TV.


I think you (youshouldbgolfin) should seriously go to hell, which is convenientally in my BUTT!!!!!!!

Christians are amazing people, they help me with everything! like my addiction to drugs!

oh and Chuck Norris is Awesome!!!!



Good, but it's a little hard to tell if its Jesus w/o the title.


Jesus needs like, a record player and a bar with multiple liquors.


geez youshouldbegolfin, way to hate on a huge group of people you've likely pre-judged...

NEwhom. I totally used to imagine this when i was little. I actually like the slight akwardness of the artwork, it makes it look kind of kiddish which is what this reminds me of...


i think its cute!! and i think people need to mellow out a little bit!!


Lollerskates! This cracks me up. It's one of the few heart tees I actually like. I'm a Christian and I'd totally wear this. It's good to have a sense of humor about religion. $5!


just to make it clear, the rendition of the heart is purposegly "hand drawn" (acutally, literally), and "kiddish"? like mentioned earlier however, i very much apprection the constructive criticism and honesty. this is a first sub, maybe i should have put it in the critique section first? :)


It looks pretty cool...I think somebody asked this once already, but what does it look like when its placement and size is in proportion to the actual heart?
I like the way the heart and ventricles look :D


haha cute... any chance of this in brown?


@ youshouldbegolfin- I think it is wrong to hate any group of people. I am a christian. So what have I done to deserve your hatred?


I am soooo in love with this. I'd buy it in a heart beat... exactly as it is. I love the way it's drawn and the concept and the humour and everything. So funny. I like it big cos you can see the detail, but if it's over the heart that would be really cool too. I'm a christian as well... never realised there were so many christians on threadless?! :P


ha ha FRICKINAWESOME -- you didn't read the contract.
Once Jesus is in your heart he is your landlord,
and He's the best landlord ever :)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Should've been "Lennon Lives in my Heart"


everyone - thanks for taking my joke so seriously. i love it when people get worked up over nothing!

clearly threadless is not the place to spew religious insults and cut down groups of people.

but thank you all for letting me know what i already know.

also - this design is fantastic. hand drawn and original. it really embodies the spirit of the Threadless shirt philosophy!


it doesnt look enough like jesus
would have to explain it to people. i like the concept a lot tho


I love it = ) and I personally think it's fine the way it is. My only question is? Should it be more above the heart position on the shirt?


i agree with the good dr. i just gave a final exam to a group of first year biology students, and the heart is actually quite textbook in form.


Holy Smoke! Great concept. Poor execution. Revisit the "drawingboard" young man. If the design wasn't so titled, it might take a lot longer to figure out what is going on. BTW He lives in my heart too!


placement is the only issue...


hilarious idea, but not a great drawing


I absolutely adore it, but I agree with the people who have commented on the actual drawing aspect. With the title I can look at it and think ROFLMAO, ROFLCOPTER, OMG-zors or any other token internet amusement, but without it it would be a little hard to understand, and quite honestly could be prettier to look at.

The Jolly Brewer

I'm a Satanist and I find this offensive to my religion!


this is really cute. Maybe you could put a little halo over his head so he can be recognized more easily. Good job :)


i dont think people would understand it
unless its incredibly obvious and im just dumb
(i had to read the title to get it)


FAAA! Get out of the ventricle now you!


Great concept, though I think the execution could use work. Like I buy the idea, but I wouldn't buy this design in particular. I think more detail would pump it up a bit... 5 on idea!

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