Jesus Saves

Don't be offended... What?! You don't think Christ was a good goalie?!

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Don't be offended... What?! You don't think Christ was a good goalie?!


I've seen this idea, but never one that I would wear. If this gets by all of the detractors, I would wear it.


Dun dun Duuuun
no text
otherwise it's great

The Wee Straggler

It's nice that Jesus is protecting that honeycomb from the soccer ball.


^ haha

cool idea though


more goal box

less text



yay! score.


I like the text in this. I don't even believe in Jeebus, and i think this is very wearable and cool as hell!


jeebus? new word? oh well love it. haha


i really like it. i would love to wear this and piss people off!!!!


HAHA nice!!! keep the text!!


I donno about threadless but I have seen many versions of this shirt already out there, on people...therefore not all that original


I'd also say get rid of the text and make the cage more defined--let people get it for themselves. But I also like it as is.

Mama Young

I am Christian, & am not offened by it. I think its a great idea, but, Jesus needs to have darker skin.
Jesus saves !

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I think this is sacreligious, not because it's Jesus, but because he's playing soccer when everyone knows Jesus plays hockey.

I'm too Canadian...

ruby soho

I think that the goal needs to look more like a goal. If you do that, you don't really need the text.


...but Noah invests


Thanks to the people who like it so far. I went with the text and the more "undefined" goal because I was kind of going for more of a seventies look; so I wouldn't remove it.


Yeah buddy I've seen this before my Friend actually has a shirt just like this


What can I say about the originality? I've never seen the shirt before, so I can't really comment on that. I think if you disqualified every shirt because someone else, somewhere in the world had seen the design (or something similar) before, there would be about 1 new shirt design on here a month. I say just vote high if you like it, low if you don't and don't worry about how original it is.


Lose the text. It's adorable!


i'd buy it! 5


I like. I'm not Christian, but can't see why any Christian would be offended - there are tons of churches that put really bad puns and wordplay on their billboards out front, and sometimes even quite risque. Non-god-botherers would wear it coz it's funny; god-botherers will wear it because it gets their message across without people wanting to slap 'em.


Just read Hurricane Hanz's comment, and I agree. Lose the text and let people work out the joke for themselves. Funnier that way, even though the seventies font is nice.


My fiancé would wear this like a shot! It's funny, tis good!


this is fantastic - i love the net and the text


Drop the background and I'll $.


i like the text alot, but it doesnt look like a goal, its too honeycombed. id buy it otherwise, i love jesus shirts!


i love this! it's hillarious! i think it would be cool to have the option of just jesus with the ball, and then with the text, and then all three. (because i think it'd look good all of those ways.)
but it's great as is! i would wear this shirt!


I think originality should come into scoring-- mainly when it is a direct re-presentation of a very basic wordplay that has been done-- this isnt just a similar style or layout. It has been done, exactly, with different art.....


OMG I love this!!! The net & the text are perfect, I love the classic look. If this goes to print I'm first in line to buy one!!!

$5, obviously =)

Captain Global

The net in the goal looks goofy... fix it or remove it.


agreed, lose the text and the honeycomb, or make it look like an actual net.


so wrong but so cool. I would also suggest to increase the scale of "Jesus". It may also eliminate any distractioin from the background "honey comb".


:s Seen this outside of threadless before

Guy Arthur

I think you should make his robe a bit darker because I thought it was a karate guy playing football when I first saw it. Do that and I'll give it a $5.


Lose the text and define the goal, then this t shirt would be cool. Not for me but definately cool.


"It's funny because it's, like, Jesus okay? But get this -- he's making a save in soccer instead of saving people's souls by dying and rising from the grave and stuff like he's used to doing! So like, he's doing something that it would be so out-of-character for Jesus to do, you know? Because, like, they didn't even have sports and stuff back then, plus he's the son of God!"



I'm a stranger to sarcasm. Please introduce me.


very origional.
but you know what they say.
Jesus saves, Moses invests.


hehe yeah, jesus shirts are popping up. i.e. my design in the running.

The Jolly Brewer

yeah and Beckham scores from the rebound.... What a fresh new joke!


Could you add some flecks of spice it up a bit?

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