Give it a try.

Watch this

Bit bland, but still it's a good start.

molly sunshine

It could use some color. It also looks like something is missing. I'm not sure what though. But I agree, good start.


Love this! $5


great - also think lower left placement would be cool!


I actually really like this one. I think the placement should be a little lower, but i like that it's on the side. Good job.


have I seen this somewhere before?

kisses with saliva

those fingers are so weird looking. but not in an intresting way just kind of awkward


I'll tell my model you think he has oddly shaped fingers.

Guy Arthur

get a hair cut hippy


The fingers that make up the "V" are a little big compared to the rest of the hand and the finger on the left is somewhat crooked, but otherwise, very nice! Simple, but elegant. I'd personally like to see this in bright colors, like pink on blue or yellow and orange or something.


should be named 'Love and Unoriginal'


i've seen this before, but i still really like this.


i love it!!!!


i agree with sigrovo. lower left placement. andsome color. both otherwise i love it.


i like the arrangement and the placement :)


a bit retro, too close to the neck, the type it self sits very comfortably


different color shirt. or just add some color places. otherwise, its awesome.


i think it would be much more awesome if the hand extended into an arm that arm was attached to a person looking up at the words and smiling. that'd be hot. =]


I agree with everyone that says I should have placed the design a tad lower. My Bad. But I would also like to say that I traced a photo that I took of my roommate's hand in Illustrator to get my design. So if you have any problem with the shape of his hand, please remember that you are calling an actual person disfigured.


great design... I bet whoever that hand model is is one handsome man


totally awesome. I'd buy $5


ugh. exceedingly dull.


Why do you need "Peace"? If you're going to do this, just the "Love" would be sufficient


i like it but it's bland. needs more color or design.


definitely been done before, but i believe this is one of the best
i'd wear it $5

hurricane hanz

i love it. hands down. maybe on a bright red or some shade of green tshirt though.


I’m a frik'en hippy and also a world renown t-shirt critic so what I say matters! I believe that the fingers are slightly disproportionate to the hand, the placement of the graphing could be changed and if it was in color it would be better. In general I have seen it before it’s a bit dull and I believe if I was wearing that shirt it would be uncomfortable. But all in all it is hands down the best t-shirt I have ever seen!


I love it! The only thing I would have added is maybe some tree hugging? I would buy.


alan says its o.k.


I like the designe But the color is bad!
I want it on BLUE or Yellow or GREEN or something bright
if it was a better color 5


color, but it's good


i'd buy it if it didn't have the word 'peace' on it.


loove it a lot. it should come in different colors

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