Watch this

no thanks.


Subtlety is more my style.


is this supposed to be one of those guns that shoots out and says "BANG!"? because if it is, it doesn't look like it. and if it's not, that really should be.


Ok, I am a "ban guns" kinda person. But this design just isn't any good...


you should write it


and do it in a less cartoony way.


'Ban Nuns'

Really. They wouldn't be missed.


I'd prefer "Bang Nuns" wouldn't you?


The gun looks like a knife. Is that intentional? Like "hey, don't shoot people... STAB 'EM!"


I would happily wear this just because of the message.
I bet this will get a lot of people saying "blah blah, 'freedom' is being able to have a gun to protect yourself"
What a bunch of crap, I say BAN GUNS. You don't stop violence with MORE violence.


lydia - whether you agree with the message or not, this isn't a very well executed design.

If you're gonna have a t-shirt about banning guns, then at least make it look like a gun.

Little Bigot

Hello my talented threadless friends. Thanks for the feedback.

For those commenting that the gun does not look like one of those toy guns; you've obviously never seen one, close up:


That's how the mechanism works.

But you're right, maybe that doesn't translate well in an illustrator drawing. I was probably trying to be too precise. Maybe I should have done a water pistol type gun, or maybe a gun

thanks everybody, hope to see some designs from you all one day.


Haha, nice nun puns, guys. I don't like this design either, not to mention that I don't agree with guns being banned.


i used to have one of them... but it didn't sat ban guns... more chessingtons world of adventures... not quite the same ring to it i dont think


"bang nuns" ..... hahaha..... there's a challege for ya


well i like it. i'd wear it. i understood the idea.

Alexandra Marie

Yeah, let's make it so that the only people who have guns are those that got them on the black market.
That will fix everything.


lydia - your argument doesn't make a damn bit of sense. I have guns, I like guns, I don't use them to protect myself or to harm others, I just enjoy shooting. So how am I fighting violence with violence? You are completely ignorant.

and this design sucks


Don't agree with the message, and even without it I'd give the design a 3.


for the record, I wasn't rude about your design,
I just am pro gun.

Peeps are coming down too hard on you. It it your first design
and constructive crit would be nice
Hope you keep subbing stuff

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

^ one more reason to appreciate jennifuhrer

the design is spot on as far as the mechanical execution of the toy gun, message falls flat though - Oh well -


If you make guns illegal, then only the criminals have them. Bad idea alert.

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I thought the title was BANGBUS

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