children of men

i just finished watching Children of Men

and it pretty much confirmed my belief that the world's ending. amazing though...really amazing

Watch this
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It was quite good, but if you think about it. The world gotta end sometime. It can't all be roses and coconuts

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I found the film to be uneven.

The novel is better, though it too is uneven.


Mhm.. is it that one movie with the 10 plagues?
Sheeeeet, I knew the world was gonna end sometime soon..


Stop with the end of the world waaaaahing
C'mon! pull it together, guys

rum + coconut cream + pineapple juice = Tastebud heaven !

people throughout history have thought the
world was going to end soon in their time . . .
. . . and we're still here ! :D it's not as bad as you think


angela, that's the reaping.
i dunno, children of men made me worry, but i wasn't paying attention enough to know why. I was cooking or something.

I did like the way the film-people thought about how the value of art would decline so much. Guernica in the dining room and Michelangelo in the hall!

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and it pretty much confirmed my belief that the world's ending.

I havent seen this film yet, but i don't think this movie can confirm anything in real life except that you are waaaaaaaaaay too impressionable. Don't worry, you are 16....i thought the world was gonna be blown to bits by nuclear weapons five years ago from my calculations when i was 16. But i didn't base that on watching Terminator 2 and cite it as apocolyptic evidence. For god's sake, don't watch miracle mile!!!!


that's exactly MY point helo. but if you think about it: with advancement of technology, and change in lifestyle, people from different time period's did end the world they knew. and compared to history, what we're doing right now is pretty miniscule. children of men is an awesome film, but let's stop all this end of the world bullshit. and what's with everyone using black bagging in films to make now days. " hate Bush too. join the freakin club!!!"


and Jenny Watson is my girlfriend. don' be jealous.

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