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Really like it but she looks a bit like she has a hair lip to me. Fiddle with that and it's a 5$ for sure


It's a nice illustration but I think it might look better if the character was a grown woman... But it's your artistic vision, so if the child is really what you're going for, then more power to ya...her nose looks kinda weird though...


why doesn't she have a nose?


Maybe she's sad she doesn't have a nose and can't smell the flowers?

If so, it should be more obvious.

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the drawing is great it just needs a little more definition in teh nose / lips area but besides that its great nice colors as well


Fix the nose/ lip area. Looks like a hamster.


I love to see Art Nouveau whenever it comes up. This is definitely worth making some of the changes noted above.


uhhh, rip off. that's bad. x_x


Dandy, we must have written in at the same time! This is terrible! How many times do we have to go through this? Plagiarism sucks!


): Yeah, it does. I've contacted the original artist, and Threadless staff. I'm not sure how you go about reporting plagarism, but whatever.


Looks great on a tee: perhaps someone could see if the original artist would submit it (took a look at the portfolio on deviantart: fantastic!)



Beautiful illustration, but it's not yours, you thieving hootch!


check out her website, i wouldn't be surprised if you find more stolen stuff


Ooooh...and I really like this design.
I'm glad someone saved me from
giving you a FIVE.

BOO!!! you suck bitch!


Nobody likes an art thief.


Stealing sucks. I really think that Threadless needs to come up with some kind of penalty for this behavior.


oh dear...everyone's being so mean. i wish i could give you a higher score, but i have to agree with everyone else. sorry.


Totally wrong to steal art. Taking something like that which someone else has worked so hard on is horrible.... especially since you took the image out of context and altered it. You took something beautiful and made it ugly because you ripped it from someone else. I usually don't even comment on stolen designs, but after I checked out the real artist's actual design and saw that they confirmed that it was stolen, I felt compelled to comment here. Art thieves often plead ignorance, but people who can't tell right from wrong shouldn't even be online. Stealing a piece of art like that and submitting it to another site without the original artist knowing is just as bad as shoplifting something from a store. Get a clue, people, stealing designs is shameful and wrong. You're not less guilty just because you're hiding behind a computer screen.


Its slightly different then the original design..
Plus the nse looks coollike that kinda cute^^


So so uncool.
All of the stuff on your website it stolen art too! :oO
Shame on you.


You made it through art school thinking this kind of behavior is okay? Did you do this for your assignments too, Miss Todd Goldman?


CiscoFur: it's not ok even if it's "slightly different". Imagine, you designed something entirely by yourself. The effort, the imagination, the thought put in, the time taken. And then someone else just takes it, alters it a bit and what, sell it. That's ok? No.

ISingTheBodyElectric: Shame on you. What satisfaction comes from doing this?


Getting inspired my someone elses work is one thing, but ripping it off utterly, TRACING it is something else. I don't see how anyone who calls themselves an artist could do that to someone else's hard work.


for shame. shhhhaaaammmmme.
please, remove work from your site that you've also copied.

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she made her profile invisible last night.


i look at the links. yes they are very similar. but think posting this on the web bashing another artist is uncalled for. Also posting their website and trying to find supposed other artwork they have done to claim that they have stole an idea is pushing it as well... have you tried talking to the other artist who did the drawing? seeing their point of view as to why the images look similar? are we saying that we are not aloud to get influences off of other artist artwork? If we see something we like and try to bring that style into our drawings or paintings that is not aloud? If that is the case then a lot of us are guilty of stealing other peoples artwork! i feel bad for the artist who drew both pieces. but i think this went way left than it needed to be....


stargazercorrea? No, it's the original artist who just made another account on here AND Deviant Art to send the same comment to the artist she stole off of.
Give it up 'Vanessa' You're a thief and a coward. How DARE you try to defend your actions.


are we saying that we are not aloud to get influences off of other artist artwork?

getting influence and outright copying are completely different things.


just spreading the wealth... not everyone has a deviant art account... good lord... i forgot... shame on me.... how am i a thief um Miss bunny? and how am i a coward! not scared mija!

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