Clockwork Invaders

  • by sambre
  • posted Apr 18, 2007

I must have like trod on the tail of one of these drasting creeching pusspots, because I slooshied a gromky yauuuuuuuuw…

Watch this

I must have like trod on the tail of one of these drasting creeching pusspots, because I slooshied a gromky yauuuuuuuuw…



I do not comprehend this tangrish flavorant Dzine, but I have an overflow fondity for bowlershape hats so I like it verrrrr mush...

...I tried my best.


Hah. Beat NinjaBassist to first comment. :P


exellence made better by the fact that clockwork orange and invaderes dont have diddly to do with each other



yeah i like it!

The Wee Straggler

The text is lame, and the image doesn't read very well without it. It needs to evoke space invaders more than it does.


The text is the same font as the cover of a clockwork orange.

Alexandra Marie

Love that movie.
Not a fan of this shirt.


I do infact like a clock work orange very much(Mostly the book) But i feel that the idea is being overdone... Though this is not my least favorite...


hmm, i'd prefer a clockwork shirt with another fruit, like clockwork banana, or such


they just did a clockwork orange tee

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Turn back the clockwork before Olli just won the threadless contest with an outstandingly original clockwork orange tee and you mighta been on to something moreso than now. Even then, I don't understand why these two pop culture references are being put together other than to just evoke a feeling of "oh...i know both of those things even if this random reference isn't really that witty", also known as The Family Guy Effect. I think you have evoked both references well with your drawing and typeface, it's just that there's no reason for it in the first place. Keep coming up with some more ideas tho, i'd like to see what else you got...


LOL @ Family Guy Effect FA, good call


it looks like a clockwork pumpkin... but i'd probablly still buy it. sweet psuedo-nadsat, BTW :)


without the text and i will buy!


i like the use of the american apparel model.
plus 5.


You are the man! I don't care what these guys say. Any droog could viddy that this shirt is brilliant!


This is frickin sweeet :P

Boot Face

Personally, I like it, because I like both A Clockwork Orange and Space Invaders. The text doesn't seem to fit though... just doesn't look right.

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