Let's Make it Work :]

  • by awerbeast
  • posted Apr 17, 2007

this is my first submission, i hope you guys like it. it can be whatever you want it to be

Watch this

this is my first submission, i hope you guys like it. it can be whatever you want it to be


i think i have seen this before


Hm, yeah... and following the links in the comments on THAT submission, it's been done a LOT.

Not that you copied the idea, since the idea pretty well suggests itself. But there's not much to make this stand out from the others, I'm afraid.


nice idea...so sad


follows ahead!


i love it, only thing i would change is put the title in the "speeak" baloon. thats a funny thing to say to the other piece.ill still give it a 4


This is actually the third similar design I've seen in a while, and I really haven't thought much of any of them.

Lord Will

Yeah, sorry, it's been done before.


I like this better than the other puzzle designs I've seen.


i didnt know this design had been done before, but i think mine is still different. i tried to make this like the peices dont work together, but the one on the left wants to "make it work". seeing that there havent been any winners like this, i think its still a valid design


I think this could be done better, not enough of a pull to make me want this shirt


even if it hasn't been done before, it's still too simple.

Duke Kettai

I like how this one is more simple than the other one, and your concept is different too. I like!


i've seen this but i like the other design sorry its a 3 but if it was in color 4 1/2


They don't fit together...



Haha! That's cute.


I'd like it better on another color though.


there just isn't enough to it for it to be a winner, besides how many of us want to be reminded of that crush or ex that just didn't want to make it work?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I have seen this concept at least 5-6 times on this site. Please just check out the backlog of subs in the search forum to see what people have and have not subbed for your future designs, unless you have a new way to illustrate the same idea. Thanks!


Next you should try a 7, 8, 9 shirt!




yeh granted it looks similar to others, but this one is waaaaaaaay cooler and simpler and its just cool the way it seems like the other piece is looking away


wait, they can just switch sides, right.


"we dont fit together"


Put a question mark after the heart.


it's not that obvious that they should not fit together, if you turn around the right piece, it should more or less fit to the left piece.. if your concept is that they don't fit together, you should make that clearer..


I actually really like this, and yeah, it's been done before kind of, but I hate that one. This one is pretty, and I'd buy it.

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