Simple Instructions

  • by FitzFilm
  • posted Apr 14, 2007

Watch this

I love This!

Too funny. I love the rocker hand at the bottom. A+ for the placement as well. It's a refreshing change.

I look forward to seeing more from you in future.

The Ending

haha made me laugh. i remember being so smug when i first got the hang of chop sticks!


:O! j'adore. I would buy this and wear it out for Asian food. xD


Awesome!! It would look fantastic on red too


I said it in the crit and I'll say it now. It doesn't make sense to me, I think it could have been clever if you had put something more relevant instead of the how to rock hand there. I don't think it's a bad design, I just think it could have been so much more.


I still I can't do it. Where's my fork?


Now while maybe a thumbs up wpould make more sense, the rocker symbol, (or the devil horns, depending on who you are) is MUCH funnier, Lhiiiz


they have instructions like these on some chopstick packages, but not nearly as rockin


The circles impair the design.


hand with fork in the last one instead??


5$ because I'm sick of telling people how to use freaking chopsticks. votes


$5 but add more shirt c0lors


Yeah, I like, but needs more shirt colour options! Still, 3.


Oh, now this is just great. I even think the shirt color presented works well with the design, but it would be nice to see other color options...


It would be cool if the last hand had the chopsticks held in the palm by the middle and ring fingers.

The Nu



I'd like it better if it really explained.
It's also a little boring. Maybe more colors? or more difference between steps one and three?


I like JIAF's idea of having a hand with a fork at the end, because most people who try chopsticks resort to a fork at some point during the meal.


really liked it, i'd like a yellow or brown version tho!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

what piradical said, i was gonna say. So there. If you don't add that part to the design, then put Lhiiiz's point here after the other point from the other person. Man, everyone's hitting all the stuff i was gonna


I agree with piradical. I think the chopsticks should definitely be present in the last circle with the horns. It just associates it with the other 2. Right now it seems like the circle with the horns doesn't belong because it doesn't have the chopsticks in the image and the horns aren't really a part of the process. I think adding the sticks would bring it all together.


I think a fork would be funy in the last pannel.


haha that fork idea is pretty awesome, but this rocks too.


yeah, the rock symbol is just....


I'd love it placed horizontally across the top. But I love the idea.


I'm no good at chopsticks, unless I use them to stab the food. Forks for life! Um...decent design, it doesn't really say much. I agree that the sticks held in the rock fist would bring it a cohesiveness


I really love it! The placement is nice but maybe a different color...


i just successfully chopsticked for the first time last month.

i rocked.

different color perhaps? red? black? etc?


I like it with the symbol in the last circle.. because that's how you feel when you're rocking the chop sticks and everybody else is screaming for a fork :-D



Red on black = $

Knight Errant

Maybe the last panel should show someone stabbing with the chopsticks

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