I want ART, I want RAT too.

As an artist, you choose, you want to do a good art work? or you want to pay your bill.

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As an artist, you choose, you want to do a good art work? or you want to pay your bill.


Well charactered, but I don't think it's clear how the paintbrush ties in. Did he paint the mouse? If he did, why?


I think the characters are cute, but I would have to agree I'm not sure what the cat is doing with the paintbrush either. Is there something on the back?


I like the idea (art vs food) but I don't think the image says that. Also, the cat is a little too fat for two reasons: one, it looks more like a pig than a cat; two, fat cats can afford to choose art over food. This one is worth some reworking and then resubmit.


The Fat cat is actually my cat(same colour same size... trust me..He is a fat cat that look like a piggy.)
The cat is Holding the brush and run for art..but Suddenlly.. He saw a rat. So he stop.


lol you know you play too much world of warcraft when you say "wow that mouse has a quest for me!"


cool design but i dont get the concept


what about TAR? don't you want that too?


i totally thought "QUEST!!!!" too! ah, the addiction of Warcraft... lol


Based on the image alone, I would never figure out what the desinger was going for.


I dont think you need to know the exact concept of something to just enjoy it for what it is, this is a very cool design!


i liek the brown shirt!


I am glad you guys like my Midnight (my cat's name). hehehehe...


I like the cat a lot (especially the star nose), but the concept is a little confusing.


I don't like it.


I like it, I just don't get it! Why paint the mouse?!?!


I like the characters (especially the cat) but I feel like it doesn't need the paint theme. They're cute enough without it.


the idea is very hard to express in images and I dont think it comes across.


I think whats confusing is that the paint and the mouse are the colour... leading you to think the cat painted it. Maybe change the colours?


I don't understand the idea or didn't until you said something. Looks like he painted the mouse. But I LOVE that fat cat!! Mine are just as fat! :) Often like beach balls.


sorry, i don't follow the logic. love the art though.

smitten kitten

love the cat and mouse design (if the mouse was a different color might help). it doesn't really look like he's holding the brush in his mouth.


fat animals is good artwork :]


i love this design, simply cute! i'd definately buy!


I don't get it....


i like the star nose alot.

p.s.good drawing and.............


that is so cuit

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