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Peters not economically viable

I like the size of the design and the general idea and the colors but the kids' eyes are a little odd. I'm also not too sure about the way their skin is colored, it's a little too Archie comics for me.


seems a bit odd...2 kids a camio man and a vehicle.......all that's missing is the bag of a nanny i'm going to have to say no to this. and 0. i don't like that the man is shadowed. If you got rid of the car and if he perhaps had a loving fatherly face you might have something for father's day ' far as the art needs work...lots. better luck next time.


the top butterfly is distracting, but i really dig the style of this one


looks like a book that is in my basement. remarkably the same. eh.


At first, bland. But then you see the car and the man, and then it's creepy in a cool way.

Stephie Lou

I Like it, but the faces are a bit weird. The little boy is wearing eye makeup. I do like the random figures. The man looks like her big hair at first and then you see him, but the car is kinda random. Like not fitting in. But I do like it.

Script Kitty

Nice composition. I like the Idea of the two children being overshadowed by the mad in such a fantastic and carefree environment that the butterflies portray. it does kind of give you that Creepy pedophile feeling though. But, I think that adds to the piece. It's gives it a great emotional contrast if you pay enough attention.

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