Jesus training

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I don't care what anyone says, this is hilarious.


jesus had a manly bush


This has been done before on Threadless, and much better. Sorry. I'm sure someone else will put up a link.


I can't believe it but I think this is really funny.


If you put Jesus in a different context you've got a buyer. As it is, I find it hilarious. Very nicely done.

Lucretia Mott

J Ray is actually right. There wasn't nearly as much pube in that design either.


i dont normally liek that style but i find its slight cuteness and clean cut lines totally mock christianity even more.


yup, jesus goes for gold was better. and as lucretia points out, had less pubage. so meh, and 2.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

ehhh I think both have their merits .. and while this is close ... whatever people are allowed to have similar ideas it happens. and Id rather see him on teh rings than say teh vault


Yeah, I'm sorry but Jesus Goes For Gold is better, but I do like your artistic style. Looks like you gave up on the wood detail on the right beam, though.


yayaya, cool

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

yeah the original was better but ahh well.


I'm sorry but "Jesus goes for gold" is not the original because jesus is the original :D


WOW that has potential to be offensive!!!!!!!!! Training t o be crucified I take is your meaning?


Get rid of the pubes and Id give this a $5

harpo25 profile pic Alumni

funny style!

mezo profile pic Alumni

I miss PeePee.

Cute style here, but I prefer the more gnarly one which was previously done simply because I grew out of wearing cartoon characters on my clothes 20 years ago. 3, for the clean art.


I think it's funny how everyone thinks the burning monk/monkey is offensive but this is the best thing they've ever seen. Sure the style is nice, but the subject matter is classless.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I'm still waiting for Threadless to print Jesus Goes for Gold. That shirt is awesome!


IMO, jesus_goes_for_gold was too serious.
this is just plain funny.


wow... wear that one in Alabama...hehehe....


This is better than JGFTG! It's really funny.

...and yes, bible-thumpin, bigodrummer just said that this was funny. For those of you who missed the Thank God I'm An Atheist Debate, consider yourself lucky!


haha, this is horrible, and i love it. hell yes!! 5


pubes, no?


Completely tasteless... hate to sound preachy, but if you knew the truth of why he did that, you wouldn't be so quick to mock it. Sorry but it had to be said. I smite this design down!!


Jesus had a bad weekend for your sins.

Papa Steve

Sorry man I am not even gonna rate this. I am christian and I hate it. Christs crucifixion is not a joke.


I don't so much think it's pubes as just the top of the treasure trail. I mean, it's up around his belly button, for Christ's sake..!

I mean, HIS sake. Whoever...


hahahaha who cares for "religiously incorrect"

this is hilarious



The pubes totaly ruine it for me


"Sorry man I am not even gonna rate this. I am christian and I hate it. Christs crucifixion is not a joke."



wow. thats pretty low. I'm not saying I don't like it, but I'm not sure I'd have the guts to wear it.

Austin Jones

This is tasteless to design and tasteless to wear. Sooo many people would be offended in public.
It's sad how the Thich Quang Duc Burning Monkey is considered in poor taste and the only thing wrong with this to most of the commenters is the pubes.


This is really below the belt.


I'm not even a Christian and I find this absolutely disgusting and tasteless. Here's one, Mother Teresa burning herself? What about Ghandi on America's Next Top Model? Buddha eating himself silly? Mohammed being exposed as a fake?

You're a tasteless bastard without any artistic talent. The childish design and petulant attitude towards the subject matter make you worse than Bible Thumpers.

They preach what they believe, you mock it...on a tee that would be viewed by hundreds maybe thousands of people a day. At least they have something they support and believe in. You're just a sad, pathetic little man.


I'm not a Christian but I don't think we can be offended by the burning monk and think this is cool. I have been told that Christians have feelings too. =)


....I like it....the subject but mainly the style.


oh that's funny.

However, the happy trail/pubage is gross.


I way prefer this one.

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