Design vs Idea?

There might be a blog about this in the past but I haven't seen it. So screw it if there is.

What do you think makes a better shirt... the look or design of it or the idea?

I usually go for the design and sometimes I have no idea if it means anything. I know a shirt with both a good idea and design is everybody's fav but if you had to choose one?

Watch this

ideas get scored higher

Work the Angle

victim... you're being a victim. I'm not a fake account. silly

J-Ray... but what do you prefer?


Its the way you execute the idea.

It could be an excellent idea but a really lame design, for me in the end the design is important.

Malcolm Man

Often a good idea will be hindered by the artist technocal abilities.

I think both are equally important. A design doesn't always have to mean something. On the other hand, a really good idea has the potential to be a really good design.

Malcolm Man

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Work the Angle

hahahahaha shit you just made me laugh my ass off.

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