B-Boy Stance

  • by t006
  • posted Mar 26, 2007

Watch this

I like the swirls. How did you do that? And are they gradients? or is each aspect of the swirl a different color?


Its a pair of custom brushes that I made for this design...Just laid on top of each other.
I was just testing it out really. It just worked out that way. Basically a experiment that turned out to look pretty cool.


LOVE the top image, but kinda loose it in the bottom image - those thick lines look out of place.


Love it!!!! Awesome design. I hope it gets printed! $10 fasure


It looks like they are farting and stuff.


Oh yea, it does look like they're farting. Didn't even think of that.


Very mature guys....go to the corner


.... that's not a b-boy stance


I really like the top image, dunno if the bottom one is really necessary.

Danger Girl

I like it a lot. The legs of the top image get kind of lost in the dark shapes though, perhaps a few lighter gray swirls in the background for a little better definition? I like the lines on the bottom image, keeps the whole thing from being too swirly.


This design is beautiful! Much nicer than most of the simplistic, flat-looking kiddie designs that everyone's doing. Go gradients!


the swirls and designs are really really quite excellent. I wouldnt buy this shirt though. Just not me...
but great job!


i like that the swirls look misty.


GOD. enough with the breakdancing crap & 80's themed shirts. so sick of it

Lena E.

I totally agree with angelito. Are u sure you can use them without it being plagiarism? I easily recognized the top one atleast...


There's something about this tee I'm not so sure of... it seems like something's missing... I don't know...
I'm not so keen on the placements... maybe if you were to swap the figurines it'll fit in on the tee shape better imo...


You could almost pull of two shirts in one...it's almost too much with both designs. They are wonderful illustrastions mind you. High five!


I really like the upper right one and think it would work really well alone.


I like the swirls, but I can't really tell with the people in the upper corner.

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