It's okay, I'm a doctor

  • by kikei
  • posted Mar 23, 2007

You know you've always wanted to walk around with a stethoscope around your neck.

Watch this

You know you've always wanted to walk around with a stethoscope around your neck.


didn't we see this already or am i crazy?


i've DEFINATELY seen this exact sub before.

Yabi Kuro

I like this render better than the other one. 4.


haha this one has already been done! though i like this on better than the other one


i like this one a lot
i didn't like the other one so much... sorry silent T


i've seen this way too many times...sorry.


sick of seeing things put on a shirt that look like they are hanging/ attached to the shirt.


thank you travioli


$5 for originality.. not!


Sorry guys (especially Silent-T) I didn't realize there was another design so similar. I'm hardly ever looking at other submissions on here, so I had no idea.


whoa, yeah this one is way better.


I like this better than the previous sub; this is more realistic. Can you switch it around. I wear my 'scope the other way. As a right handed person it works better to grap the top with the right hand to put it in your ears.

But on another note, is there really a market for this here? This kind of shirt is very common at medical conventions (which I have to attend, usually rather boring). Are non-medical people gonna wear it?


Another thought: if you really want it very realistic, you need a pocket with at least pens in it. My shirt pocket also carries my mini-drug reference book. Many of my buddies have their PDA's in that pocket.

But maybe realism wasn't your aim, which would be OK too.


I've stolen nothing. Just like the submission earlier here, I never saw the Johnny Cupcakes shirt. Please don't accuse someone of stealing a design when you don't have proof. This design was the result of watching Scrubs, a suggestion from a friend, and boredom. Sorry you hate me! :)


Hah. I like this design, tons. 5.


I like it so much!


tisk tisk...overdone....

Mama Young

I like it! Bunches!! So, make lots & on lots of great colors


Whatever happened to "Remember, be nice!"? Kikei, don't listen to people that criticize instead of critique. Some Threadlessites aren't too nice. If they can't word it nicely or they're accusatory without reason they don't deserve to have their input considered.

Dear everyone else: Sometimes more than one person has the same idea. It's a community of thousands. It happens.

Keep your chin up, kiddo; don't let 'em get you down. :)


this one does look better than the other sub, although i would like it if the neck looked like scrubs...

Comrade Corey

it's submissions like this that make me wish maybe the comment box was just removed entirely.


$5 cuz i like chocolate


make a pocket with doctor stuff in it


than the other one they submitted a while ago, i mean.

also, it'd be cool to have different color options for the shit, maybe all the different colors scrubs come in? i just say this because i dislike light blue yet i'd still love to buy this shirt if it gets printed.


already seen the exact same thing.


this has been done so many times. seriously- atleast if your gona have the same consept, do it a little(or alot) differently


For the people that keep saying that they've seen this before: please read the comments that came before yours. You'll see that I don't often check the submissions pages (I'm more of a stock charts person, and I designed this on a whim), and I didn't know that similar designs existed. If you feel the need to tell me you've seen this before, you're beating a dead horse.

On that note, thank you to those who are giving me constructive criticism :)


art is like music...i always tend to play something on the guitar that i think i discovered something awesome only to learn later from a friend that it has already been done i understand that (cliche on the way) "great minds think alike"...


I have a friend that has a shirt that says "I may not be a doctor but I'll take a look" on it and when I saw this I thought of him...yeah there are a lot of shirts like this already but I still like it... i give it a 4


I THOUGHT this looked familiar! Check other people's designs before you post.


Please read three comments before yours :)


maybe i live under a rock but ive never seen the design before, but i think its cute, and like it.


good shirt if you wanna dress up like JD for Halloween!


Sorry.. but i think tees like this one is damn boring.

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