Dear John

  • by Raid71
  • posted Mar 23, 2007

Watch this

i don't really like the black background. make it blue?
$5 i suppose..


Am I having dejavu ... but didn't I already vote for this before .. eh ? what's going on?
Did u submit this again?
$5 again.


so wonderful


on purple!!
then $5


like the motion in this one ! looks good with the bottom placement, $5


love the illustration style, would def wear this $5, great

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

amazing 5$


$5! Wonderful use of the colors!

Annie the Pug

missionary reference???
if not, forget design!


missionary? i thought dear john letters were letters from girls back home breaking up with soldiers, but i have no idea where i got that idea from so i could be way off... okay so i looked it up and it's not necessarily a soldier, just a far away boyfriend/husband. and i guess the moon is about as far as you can get.
i like the style, but i think it stands out too much on black.


If you don't get printed soon, I swear I'll pull my hair out. $5


oh haha okay.. I was like didn't I already see this design before. Alright.. well great! I would def. buy this.. the colors are nice! I love black shirts!

the czar

Ha ha - Mean!


i really like the colors of this one! $5


great idea, graphic, and colours

Ava Adore

great!, perfect colour scheme


I really like it, but I wonder what it would look like without the right hand. As it stands, at first glance I thought they were waving goodbye, mostly because of body language I think. Whereas having the body standing the way it is with their arm by the side gives off the "oh crap..." vibe.
Other than that one little thing of confusion on my part, great design, and great style, very different.


This is straight from a gary larson strip except the gary larson strip was funnier. Sorry if that's just coincidence and not plagarism but i'm just saying...


Wasn't there a Far Side cartoon almost exactly like this?

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

'caragh' and 'hespestos' I haven't seen either cartoons... I actually took the idea from a song by 'ADEM' titled 'You pressed the button'

miss mraz

i love the second placement.


Astronaut designs are my favorites. Second placement rocks my socks.


Far Side is by Gary Larson- so don't worry - it was the same strip.

Mama Young

I like the bottom placement, but, is that a 'dear John' letter? I like the black background. Its supposed to be space!! :)

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

your very good with the texture- its also nice that your experimenting after the recent wins.

i think a lot of people are becoming a charicature (sp?) of themselves, because of this "audience we have here"

just for shaking things up!
5$$ --


I thought Dear John letters were like being dumped (sorry if they're not and I'm just confused) so I agree with IvanDashSmith and think the astronaut should look a little more dejected. Other than that, I love this, brilliant design and colours. $4

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